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Passionate voice actor combining hard work, education and substantial voice over work in stage and animation. Backed by groups of indie game developers, small time animators and reputation for artistic integrity and massive ambition. Studying and learning more of the Film & Animation Industry


Any rates are negotiable, I'll work with everything!

What Yonko_Ronn_VA is looking for

In my current position as a freelance Voice Actor, I provide voice talent to independent clients for ads, animation, SFX, audio book narration, video game dialogue and lines.

  • @doverhuh

    I have a lot to say about Ronn. He plays a main character in my series and I'm really happy with his lines. He sent in multiple samples to see which I'd like the most and the delivery was absolutely amazing. He was very invested with his character design and how the project was going. When I was slightly unmotivated, he gave me motivating words and checked in with me and the production. I can tell he has a very very very big passion for voice acting and I'd 120% recommend him for your project! ^^