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About GreenGear Interactive

Green Gear Interactive Is A Game Development Studio That Primarily Makes Fangames Of Original Indie Horror Games! Keep Up With All Our Projects By Giving Us A Follow! And Follow Our Projects If You Are Interested By Following Us Here On Itchio, Subscribing To Our Youtube Channel, Or Just Joining Our Discord Server!


Founded In 2021 By SunnehBoiPlays & Catster (KCG456) It Was The Start Of Our Era In Low Budget Recreations Of Popular Indie Games. We Started Off With Our First Project, Bendy & The Ink Machine 2D: Chapter One, Which Released Sometime In 2022. The Game Was Almost Instantly Different From Other Bendy Fangames, The Game Had Green Toned Enviorment Instead Of A Tan Sepia Tone Mosy Fangames And The Original Game Mainly Had. 

 A Week Before The Studio Was Founded Under The Name Budget Barry Interactive (2021-2023), Catster Officially Gave SunnehBoi The Title Of Creative Director For The Bendy And The Ink Machine 2D Series In An Effort To Turn Things Around For The Game Series And It Was Publicly Released To itcho And Gamejolt In 2022. 

 On June 26th 2023, BudgetBarryInteractive And Gizli Games Attempted To Merge Into One Big Game Development Studio And Aimed To Make Quality Horror Fangame Recreations Of Popular Horror Games While Still Maintaining Gizli Games First Project, Garten Of NabNab, Which Abruptly Got Cancelled Because Of A DMCA Takedown. 7 Months Later, Due To No Upcoming Horror Content Planned For 2024 And Beyond Which BudgetBarry Interactive Was Mainly Known For, The Merger Was Called Off And The 2 Teams Split Apart And Went Their Seperate Ways, While Still Remaining In Touch Just In Case Of A Sudden Change Of Heart.

The Studio Later Turned Out To Have Achieved A Small Community Of Members For The Games To Follow Such As, Amanda The Adventurer 2D Being Publicly Announced Back In 2023 And Reaching 40 Followers In just under Three Months time. The Studio Finally Reached its goal of 100 Followers in Gamejolt On October 6th, 2023 And Since Then Has Gradually Been Doing Fine With It's Own Small Fanbase.

Playtown 1: 2D Was Announced On November 23rd, 2023, As Well As Bendy 2D: Chapter Two Being Publicly Announced On November 30th, 2023. The 2 Projects Are Both Actively Being Worked On By Our Team And The Team Has Grown A Bit Adding A New Programmer And A Team Member, ThatOneBozo, Being Promoted To Chief Operations Officer Earlier In August 2023. The Fanart Contest For Chapter Two Has Concluded On November 30th, 2023.

The Studio Was Completely Rebranded Under The new Name GreenGears Interactive To Change Our Focus From Low Quality Recreations Of Popular Games To High Quality Scratch Fangames And Recreations. It Started On December 15th, 2023 And Has Still Continued To Be The Case.

There's Still Plan More Games Once We Get To a Certain Point but it Will Most Likely Be Around Mid 2025 Or Early 2026 Before We Announce yet Another Big Fangame Project! Anyways Thanks For Being Apart Of The Community And We Are Hoping You Look Forward For What's To Arrive!