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About ChrisDimitriades

Hi! I'm Christo or Chris for short, and I'm an aspiring voice actor. 

This is where I should tell you about myself, right?

I absolutely love voice acting and enjoy doing animal noises, I also love sound effects and weirder voices, and of course whiney little kids, deep badasses, and misunderstood antagonists. 

As well as accents, I would like to think I can range from the spicy Spanish man to the Russian arms dealer inviting you over to see his AN-94 Nikonov AR's to the gritty cowboy to a fancy proper gent. 

As a child, Antagonists were always some of my favorite characters in cartoons and comics. (which is probably why I love getting to portray them now)

Some of my favorite comics were Bionicles, Spider-Man, Batman, Green Lantern, Teen Titans, Transformers, X-Men, and so many others.

Then I got into what I didn't know at the time was Anime. I still watch and read Comics/Cartoons whenever I get a chance often times with my little bro or little sister. (Currently re-watching Ben 10 with her because she hasn't seen it yet)


To return to anime! I absolutely love it! I remember the first time, my Dad brought home a DVD that the woman who worked at the video store recommended to him (Who was a total anime nut)... And it was awesome! Anyone who disagrees can fight me and her... 

It was the Eye-watering! Deep and Spiritual! Left me feeling touched and full! "Spirited Away" by Ghibli Studios, which led me down an awesome and righteous path. Next, my Dad brought "Howls Moving Castle" Epicnesssss!!... 

A few years down the road around the age of 15, I came across Tokyo Ghoul, which was the first anime that I really watched all by myself, and then watching it, I realized what true beauty was...

And then I realized Pokémon and Speed Racer were also members of the anime family, so I realized I'd watched anime my whole life.

Most recently, I was watching Naruto, a series I've yet to finish, but I think is probably my favorite anime ever! 

But back to Voice Acting, I would like to think I have a good range of tones, voices, accents, and ages from tiny babies to young children, teenagers, young adults, full-on adults to middle-aged to seniors to so far you 360 to babies again!

I can also do some gnarly old ladies, and of course creepy voices, as well as a bunch of other things I probably haven't explored yet lying inside (I've been told I'm really good at charming guys too ;D and rascally little kids...) 

My dream is to one day be in an official anime series and Cartoons so many Cartoons!! And an epic character for a video game!!

In terms of my experience, I've been cast in a few Animations, Fandubs, Fan series, and Twitch channel ad as "Nerdy Otaku Jerry", and I'm on a few radio ads in the Oregon Coast Area. It's a beautiful place and where I grew up for a good chunk before we moved.

I like to be humble and respectful so It's kinda tough bragging for so long.

I've taken direction since I was a child and worked my way up and managed my father's stores, but Voice Acting is what I truly love! That's where my passion lies!!

Simply put, it's something I genuinely enjoy and love doing.

Also, I love writing stories and character design, and to be able to portray what the characters might feel and share in that experience with them is truly incredible and a blessing. 

So hopefully now you know a bit more about me :D