Hi! You can call me Kemba. I'm really on here just looking for a fun way to interact with other people and creators. I've always enjoyed voice acting, and coming together as a community with people with similar interests seems really cool. 

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About k3mbaba

Back in 2020 I got super into voice acting. I loved doing voice impression and giving life to different characters- I still do. I used to go by the name Kemba_Waffle, but I took a break due to health complications. Now, I'm back and ready to work! I've had the privilege of working with multiple content creators to create projects, and I'm excited for what's next in my VA journey.

My Previous Roles :

But I Can't Love My Hater (Coco Nomoney) by Seym_DNA

We're the Rebellion! The Runaways (Emerson) by Miss Sugarcube

We're the Rebellion! Freedom (Emerson) by Miss Sugarcube

We're the Rebellion! Beyond the Border (Emerson) by Miss Sugarcube

Her | Body Positivity Awareness (Andrea) by Jazaxiee

Charlie's Audition || Camp Creek S1 (Charlie) by nate !

Camp Creek (Charlie) by nate !

The Wifi Meme (Alice) by Teddy Artz

The Matchmaker - Eps 1 & 2 (Tami) by FudgeVA

ASMR Cafe Date (Waitress) by AnimeboyASMR

RE:WRITTEN (Naomi Wakka) by Cynder Heart Studios

Find Me There (Brexley) by Jazaxiee

Love a Tree Day Special! (Brexley) by Jazaxiee

Center Stage (Millie) by Infinity Blu

Center Stage: Paper Boy (Millie) by Infinity Blu

The Love Line (Young Amaya & Ms. Tannor) by Jazaxiee

Black Oak: Beginning (Cindii) by Cyruss

Sinister Season (Koralia) by Sinister Season

You can DM me on discord (k3mbaba) or reach out via email (k3mbawaffle @gmail.com)

  • @jazaxiee

    I've known and worked with Kemba since September 2020 and in those years, she's been nothing but kind and talented to the roles she's played. Recently, we've reconnected and I have a few-- hundred-or-so choice words to say about her!

    Kemba from the very beginning has been an absolute angel to work with. Though she just got back into VO, she's brought nothing but light and joy to the characters she has played, and with no doubt, she'll bring the exact same and more to the roles that are waiting for her in the future! She had played not one, not two, but THREE different, full of rich variety of characters of mine in the past, and not once had she failed to deliver! She can bring so much emotion and life to a character with just her lovely voice, and that speaks walking numbers. Not only can she deliver, but her engagement in the project goes lengths. I remember the days where she held an incredible, never forgetting performance in her improv that friends and fans still remember- and best of all, it wasn't in the script. She has that amazing ability to improvise her lines on the spot and each time, those takes are used. Because she knows her character. That's how much she puts into her work.

    Set aside her voiceover talents, because believe me I can go on for days about it; she's one to remember. She's a joy to have in any cast, and she's so willing to share every opportunity with friends. One day she sent me a project to try auditioning for, and it was that project that was the true start of my voiceover career. I've met one of my best friends, long-time directors, and acquired roles from the same director that helped my voiceover career flourish; all thanks to Kemba. Like it or not, I will still keep that interaction close to my heart, adding to a list of reasons why Kemba is so dear to not only me, but to all. 

    If you ever have the ever so privilege of meeting Kemba, whether it'd be as friends or having her audition for your project, I deeply encourage casting her. She's a keeper! Go Kemba!! 

  • @neurotic


    I met Kemba recently through my friend, and my god they are so cool to have around. They're very supportive and try to get along with everyone. From what I've heard, they are REALLY passionate about voice acting, and are really really good at it

    If you cast Kemba for your project, you not only get a super passionate voice actor, you get a really cool friend, and there's not much more you could ask for from an amazing voice actor like herself

    Thinking of casting Kemba for your project? do it, you will not regret it

  • @monnylynne

    Kemba holds the voice and personality of an angel, and with great pride, it stays that way. She's such an excellent talent to the numerous casting calls, and with every audition she submits is an audition I'm always excited to hear. She holds an incredible ability to project so many emotions and voices in a matter of submissions, and my gosh, she holds her record. Her grasp on fantastic delivery lures me to cast her for characters that don't even exist yet, whoever those said characters are, having Kemba on dial is an amazing privilege to have for any casting director in the field! 

    Sweeping voiceover inquiries aside, Kemba is a very delightful person whether it be an addition to the cast or a friend group. She's such a joy to converse with and I truly look forward to working with her more in future projects and see what roles she'll tackle in fair time. If you need a wonderful voice for your character, Kemba is here! 

  • @wizgamingxd

    Having Kemba on your team means getting to work with one of the kindest people I've ever met. She's unabashedly friendly and a great communicator, so she'll make sure to brighten your correspondence with lots of quips and positive energy!

    When she's acting, Kemba becomes the character, creating a distinct sound through calculated vocal mannerisms and inflections. You won't regret trusting her to bring your creations to life!