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Mini Mint

Here is a link to my youtube channel where I post videos...sometimes:

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About Mini Mint

Hello, my name is Mini Mint (or Minty for short). I'm an IT person doubling as a college student and amateur voice actress. I'm not as active as I used to be due to school getting in the way but I do still audition for projects occasionally and post vids when I can.

I also run my own Youtube channel where I post comic dubs and voice acting videos. 

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I don't normally charge but if you're paying I'll take whatever is being offered.

What Mini Mint is looking for

I work on anime dubs, comic dubs, cartoons, both original and fandubs, song covers, and manga dubs. I'm hoping to make new friends while doing something I love :)

  • @joshgamertv

    Mah Man

  • @deleted113155

    Mini Mint is EXTREMELY talented in voice acting and singing! She is very fun to talk to. Not only does she fit every role that I had put out but she is VERY creative. We constantly sing Pokemon theme songs and she outshines the rest of us. I hope you consider her for every role she auditions for.

  • @illuminasium

    Minty is a super talented voice actress and singer. She has a very cute and unique voice that fits a variety of characters. She’s hardworking and always turns in her lines in time. She’s also a super nice person in real life and a great friend. 9000/10 would recommend.

  • @ryan-pratt

    As a fellow voice actor and friend, Minty is a go-to! She's very capable in a multitude of roles for all sorts of projects out there, large or small. Any director would be lucky to have her on the team, as she's very dedicated to her roles. Additionally, she's very capable of setting up projects of her own and is super fun to work with in that respect. There have been a ton of enjoyable roles I've done thanks to her. Most importantly, Minty's a great friend to have and is awesome to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend her for any kind of project out there!

  • @saitogami1

    In the industry that we are all trying to get into, it is hard to find individuals who share the same dream as you and at the same time, have a great attitude and treat you like an equal and more. I was privileged to have gotten to know Minty once I got into the field of voice acting. As a novice, I was scared due to all of the competition that was there and I thought that there was not going to be anyone that I was truly going to get along with. Of course, I was proven wrong when I found people that were actually nice and apart of that group I found, Minty was one of them.
    She is a fantastic individual, not only in the voice booth, but outside of it as well. Her personality shines in any project she does and even when you are not working, she is hilarious and fun to talk to and become good friends with. Quite frankly, she is one of the nicest individuals you will find here on CCC.
    Her work ethic is top notch; She will give you the work you want as a director in a very fast capacity and will do her best to not only get it to you fast but also give you quality as well. She has a great passion for this field and after spending a great time working with her, as a fellow voice actor and also a VA working under her, she is someone I definitely recommend to not only work with or work for, but associate with as a whole.
    11/10, get this young lady to be on your team. You won't regret it.

  • @kidkira

    A great voice that 's just full of the right energy!

  • @lilcrispyicyhot

    A hard worker who does her best to meet everyone's expectations. As Her Project Owner of Fire Emblem Three Houses, she may not have voiced any characters yet, but she will very soon! She is outstanding and is very polite. She tries to make time for her projects, giving her an equal balance of her real and online life! Recommend casting her in many projects! I hope to have her more in the future!

  • @filmmakerj

    I really enjoyed working with Mini Mint. I could tell she had a lot of fun reading for Webbie in my "DuckTales: ReVoiced" project, because every line she gave had that genuine excitement and passion that I knew would be really important for the character. Very thoughtful and caring, takes direction well, and really friendly. You'll find an excellent cast member in her.