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About Kuma-chan

  • @demorealist

    I have been on casting call for awhile and 98% of projects I get casted In never get done. I can assure anyone who gets a chance to work with Kuma will have some good quality work to show for it. She gets her stuff done and well. She’s an awesome hard worker and the sweetest person ever! She is nothing but a ball of giggly and kind energy! 10/10! :D

  • @fby02

    Kuma is a very talented voice actress and she gets her stuff done quickly. That’s especially helpful if you don’t intend to wait ages until receiving the lines you need. The delivery of the given lines was also practically perfect without any direction. This shows that she knows what she’s doing. I’m very happy that she was a part of my project!

  • @harudori

    Kuma has been very quick with providing scripts and directions for their project when needed. They know how to direct a group of people and make it into a very outstanding project. Most projects, especially fandubs, never seem to make it very far within the editing process. However, Kuma is already almost halfway done with a 24-episode fandub! I am very happy to be working with someone like Kuma!

  • @deleted302373

    Well-organised and very clear communication throughout the project. Very grateful for the opportunity to have worked with them. 10/10 would recommend.