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About JeremyVA

Since 2014, he has been creating short
films like The Survivor, Incognito, and Remember This Moment. Notable
voice over works include Pure Bond, Seclusion, and Star Wars Legacy
of the Sith (Machinima). His latest directing project was a crime thriller audio series called Mr. Law that is available on Spotify and YouTube.

Demos & Samples

2019 Demo

Most up to date Demo with lines from my latest projects and auditions.

Demo with New Microphone

Latest recordings from various auditions and projects that I've done using new setup.

  • @poppletron

    A great director who's good at making a final project that sounds natural and compelling. I enjoyed the work I've done thus far and can't wait for what's to come.

  • @saitogami1

    In my time of voice acting, there have been a handful of directors who were very classy and were consistent with their work ethic, how delightful they were towards their voice actresses and actors, and how determined they were to make their project great. I will say in my experience with him, Jeremy Va is one of those directors.
    I was privileged enough to provide voice work for them in their project entitled Mr. Law (, and the experience has been nothing but a pleasure to be apart of. The work he gives out is always polished, makes sense, straight forward, and easy to follow - which is what a good director makes sure his work is like for his actors. Again, working with him has been a pleasure and as a final word to anyone reading this, I will say you will not regret working with him. He also does voice work as a voice actor himself and he has an amazing voice! All-around talent in this field. If you want someone to voice your project and also someone to work for, this is your guy. 11/10!!!