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My name is Laurens and I run
StopAndListen.Studio -  Free Audobooks &Audio drama's - Original stories and Fan Fiction. 
Mercenary Maximum - Audio Drama (original) - Episode 2 

Complete cast, all recordings received, being edited now


Final Fantasy 7 - ' Bombing Mission'  Audiobook

Listen here!
Completed and released 09-aug-2019


Mercenary Maximum - Audio Drama (original) - Episode 1 

Completed and released 20-apr-2019


Star Wars Episode IX - (fanfic) Audio Drama
Completed and released 21-nov-2018

  • @saitogami1

    First and foremost, I have to say that Lauren's is a fantastic director that treats all of his clients with respect, class, and professionalism. I had the honor of working with Lauren's on his first project and it was an absolute great experience. He delivered the lines for me to do quickly, gave me a more than reasonable due date, and was supportive the whole way. If you are looking for a director to work for, this is the individual to go to. He also does voice work as well which sounds great! Again, if you want a person who will not only work for you as a voice actor and give 100% but do their best to give you a great experience as a director, getting associated with this talented individual is what you need to do. 11/10 folks!

  • @jswayward

    Laurens portrayed true professionalism. He was communicative and clear as to what he wanted, always responded to questions, provided updates, and was expedient in getting the end product out without sacrificing the quality of the production.