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    About Undersong: An Original Undertale Musical


    Howdy! Welcome to the UNDERSONG casting call! We've been working on this musical since a week after UNDERTALE'S release. It started off small but has grown into a large project requiring many vocal talents. So we need your help! 

    What is UNDERSONG? Why is it called that?

    UNDERSONG is a developing, original fan-musical, scored and directed by Recorderdude/RecD. It’s, naturally, based on the video game UNDERTALE by Toby Fox. The name “UNDERSONG” was chosen both for its similarity to the word UNDERTALE, and for its meaning of being a differing chorus or refrain, thus a musical retelling of UNDERTALE, adopting new ideas, struggles, and character development.

    What’s the basic plot?

    UNDERSONG takes place after the barrier is broken. Mettaton suggests/forces the cast to put on a musical in order to best communicate their story to the humans above ground, acting as a traveling show, going from town to town performing in hopes to find a town with the same pacifist ideals as Frisk. This is their 10th performance. The cast has grown desperate and insecure, and to make things worse, a certain flower has decided to intervene to make things more interesting. Will this play out like the pacifist run that got everyone above ground to begin with or something else entirely? That is up to you.

    Are you only going to follow one route?

    No. UNDERSONG will follow both Genocide and Pacifist routes, as well as a neutral route if neither are achieved by the viewer. Please note that the neutral route will have exclusive content as well, including neutral deaths. There will be several occasions in UNDERSONG where the listener is invited to choose their path. This will be done through a web of YouTube videos.

    Is this just going to be a bunch of songs?

    No. UNDERSONG is a full-on musical with a script, including dialogue, narration, interludes, and new plot arcs. Each scenario will be accompanied by images in form of a storyboard/animatic.

    How and when are you going to release the musical?

    UNDERSONG will begin releasing numbers and scenes in parts as they are finished early to mid-2017. Pacifist/Neutral/Genocide routes will all continue at the same time.

    Do you have permission from Toby?

    YES! Not only do we have full permission to produce UNDERSONG, we have been cleared by Materia Collective, rights manager for the music of UNDERTALE, to sell the original cast recording on Bandcamp at a name your own price price-point.

    Why is Sans southern?

    Sans’ southern dialect was used both to enhance the character’s singing capabilities and to fit the laid-back/lazy personality of the character. The southern characterization of Sans will not be changed.

    Why is Undyne rapping?

    Rap was chosen as a style for Undyne as the genre of a struggling underdog, releasing rage righteously and spitting truth and heavy emotions, all which work perfectly for Undyne. This is also done to make Monster Kid her foil, as a young inexperienced rapper who doesn’t understand the finesse and style of the genre like Undyne does. Due to Undyne’s love of pianos in-game, many of her rap numbers will have a strong piano backbeat.


    Yes. There is a Tem song. It is named “Hang Tem”.

    I’m scared, too.

    Where can we find you?

    You can subscribe to RecD on Youtube, follow our development blog on Tumblr, or follow our Twitter account. We also have a DeviantArt and an Amino account.

    If you have any questions, you can contact us at any of those accounts, or our email address, undersongmusical[@] (remove the brackets).

    UPDATE 1:

    Just a quick note. I'm beginning to respond to auditions and that includes some people qualifying for callbacks for their character. This does NOT MEAN those parts are closed! NO PARTS WILL CLOSE UNTIL JUNE 1ST, 2017. PLEASE keep auditioning! Thank you.

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