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Clare Chan

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About Clare Chan

Clare ~ 20 ~ She/Her Only ~ Bisexual ~ Jewish

Hello, my name is Clare.  I am a 20 year old catgirl, voice actress, and singer.

Voice Information:

Voice Range ~ High

Vocal Range ~ Soprano

Keys ~ D3-F6

Languages ~ English, German, French, A Little Spanish



Twokinds Online - Flora/Foxes/Butterflies/Dragons - Judah Perez (Cookie Dragon Games) (2020)

High School Simulator 2019 - Kitten/French Female Voice Over/Spanish Female Voice Over - Tomoya Sugikami (Kuma Games) (2018)

High School Simulator 2018 - Kitten/French Female Voice Over/Spanish Female Voice Over - Tomoya Sugikami (Kuma Games) (2017)

High School Simulator 2017 - Kitten/French Female Voice Over/Spanish Female Voice Over - Tomoya Sugikami (Kuma Games) (2016)


Broken Lovers ~ Ms. Bonkers ~ Bonniegamer360 (2021)

Sally And Chica - Tiny/Young Karen/Cotton - Aureila (2012-Ongoing)


Firsts - Adriana J. Cook - Jibori (2020)

My Hero Academia Manga Dub - Uraka Ocacho - TLOC Productions (2020)

The Diamond's Glow ~ Diamond Tiara ~ Tyrius The VA (2020)

Inuyasha Abridged ~ Sota ~ Cimoc (2020)

GCS' A Christmas Carol - Tiny Tim - GCS92 (2019)

Found (Undertale Cover) ~ Chara ~ SansTheLzyBones (2019)

Change (Undertale Cover) ~ Chara ~ SansTheLzyBones (2019)

God Help Kiyo - Yoruko - Kiku Atsuko (2019)

Shishunki: Bitter Change Manga Dub - Extras - Kelvin Javier (2020)

Return To Neverland - Michael Darling/Nibs/Twins/Little Eagle/Extra - GCS92 (2020)

Undertale: Nemesis - Asriel/Frisk - Alex Falkenberg (2019)

South Park: The Stick Of Truth Dub - Ginger Kid/Adult Female Pedestrian/Billy/Filmore Anderson - Surgt11 (2019)

Wowzer The Lazy Dog - Linda Lovely/Beatrice - Zachary Lunsford (2018-2020)

Dubbing Is Magic - Coco Pommel/Fluttershy/Applejack/Madjick/Frisk/Chara - DarkNightPrincess (2018-2020)

Endertale - Toriel/Undyne - SirSpaceBar (2018)

Crystal Rei Sees Original Rei (Sailor Moon) - Rei - Hubworld123 (2018)

Trying Out Some Coffee - Shantae/Risky Boots - Hubworld23 (2018)

Straight To The Silly Point - Twilight Sparkle/Spike - Hubworld23 (2018)

Doki Doki Precure - Mamo - Angel18 (2019)

MapleStory: Rock And Roll - Male Rock Zombie #2 - Gamesjayplays (2018)

My Little Pony X Sonic: Don't Mess With The Boulder - Maud Pie - Jaeden-Man89 (2018)

The Life Of A Background Slytherin - Girl Who Screams And Makes Everyone Panic - QueenCreeps (2018-2020)

Gendar Radio Ad ~ Singer ~ A Random Guy (2018)

My Little Pony: The Rise Of Blood Bolt ~ Nightmare Moon/Scootaloo/Sweetie Belle (Singing) ~ 9/30 Studios (2018)

Nerd Comic Dubs: Undertale - Temmie - DragonShield (2017)

Fairy Tail X Attack On Titan: Mission: Extermination - Happy - Mizuki-Sama (2017)

Warrior Cats: Into The Wild: The Movie - Thornkit - Pinkbunnygirl43 (2017)

MLP Fan Series "Party Games" - Fluttershy - Lyra_Girl (2017)


Friday Night Funkin: Vs Ziro - Girlfriend - OG Ziro (2021)

  • @hubworld23

    Clare is not only a great Va but also a wonderful friend!:)

  • @chelly

    She deserves better! She is a great person and deserves better!

  • @anokj

    Clare worked really hard in my Undertale comic dubs project. Unfortunately, the project was shut down due to lack of time, but Clare is definitely one of the best voice actors that I've had a chance to work with. : )

  • @quantumleek

    Clare is a versatile actor who puts a lot of energy into her work. She delivered all her lines promptly and well before the deadline, and was receptive to any input for necessary second takes. Overall, a great experience working with her!

  • @darknightprincess

    Clare is an amazing person to work with. She is very passionate, motivated and her voice is adorable. She always gets her lines done quickly, which is nice for the project. Clare is especially good at young sounding voices like Frisk, and if I may add, she has a great taste in fandoms ^^

  • @gcs1992

    I have casted Clare for several roles already, but at this time I will write about her role as "Tiny Tim" in "A Christmas Carol Reborn". I enjoyed the time I worked with her. She was fun and enthusiastic. She also maintains great two-way communication all of the time and is willing to fill in for additional roles. Her voice is extremely adorable and does a great job filling for child roles such as Tiny Tim. Also, she does an excellent job getting her lines in early which will help any project finish ontime/early. I strongly recommend this voice actor to any project as I am sure you will enjoy working with her as I enjoy her working in my projects.

  • @robomon

    Hey there, Will you like to voice Adagio or the others for my project?

  • @sinchearyl

    Really good! Delivered voice lines on time (although a little rushed), but it's totally fine! Definitely recommend her! <3

  • @rachel-l-woods

    I can't wait until we do some super cool projects together!

  • @toniclight

    Clare is a really great voice actress whom I've had the pleasure to work with on a couple occasions.