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About Super Danganronpa Another 2 - The OFFICIAL English Localization

Hello everyone!

I'm Sword of Swords, and today I'm representing the group "Super Dubbinronpa" making this post to formally announce the OFFICIAL English localization and dub of the Korean fangame, Super Danganronpa Another 2! To better explain what this project is all about, I'm going to cannibalize and add to a post we did on Reddit a few weeks ago:

What is Super Danganronpa Another 2?

Super Danganronpa Another 2 (SDRA2) is the sequel to the Danganronpa fangame Danganronpa: Another. They are both full Danganronpa fangames with their own art, murders and trials, made in RPG Maker VX Ace. both games were created by the Korean developer LINUJ, and both games have previously only been released entirely in Korean. You can find various gameplay videos of both games on Youtube. You can find LINUJ's website here.

Wait, if it's a sequel, why aren't you localizing the first game first?

We found ourselves more attached to the cast and art of the second game rather than the first, and the second game has been picking up a lot of steam in the English Danganronpa community. Additionally, it appears that several groups have already started translating the first game, so we figured it would be best to not appear as if we were competing.

Wasn't there someone already subbing the game on Youtube?

Yup! His Youtube channel is Johnny Youngster and he is a part of our translation team.

Do you have permission from the original creator to do this?

Also a yes! Here is the original email we received from the creator regarding the project. The tl;dr of it is that they have OFFICIALLY allowed us to translate, dub and create an English patch of the game. The only conditions the developer asked is to not make a financial profit of any shape, form or way from this project, to which we have fully agreed and adhered to.

Wait? An English dub?

Yup! A lot of us on the team are (hobby) voice actors, and as such have an interest in dubbing the game. If you dislike English dubs on principle, don't worry! We plan to release a version of the game with the English dub, and one without. We have finally reached a stage where we feel that casting is appropriate, so we've come to find skilled voice actors!

So you're just dubbing the game and that's it?

Actually, we are also going to host a Tumblr blog that will double as an ask blog, so any VAs cast also have the option of participating in that fun side project. If you've ever seen or been in an ask blog before, they can be a lot of fun, and this one should be even more so since it will have the official English VAs!

What progress have you made translating the game currently?

At the moment, we have fully translated and localized the prologue and have made steady progress on Chapter 1.

You talk a lot about "the team". Who exactly does this team consist of?

I don't think I like your tone, disembodied questioner.  Currently, we have a director, (me,) 5 amazing translators, two guys who do pretty much everything, a handful of localizers and script editors, some editors, a few social media people and a partridge in a pear tree. We take great pride in the quality of the script, so we all work together to make sure everything is consistent and faithful to the original plot.

Ultimate or Super Highschool Level?

As this is an English localization, we will be following the NISA translations and using Ultimate.

Do you have any screenshots of what you've done so far?

Indeed we do! These are screenshots from the most recent form of the localization, so it should give you a good idea of how it's going to sound. (Also, RPG Maker VX Ace is a little weird about screenshots, so some images may appear cut off!)

Wait, you guys already have a group! You'll just pick people who are already in it!

I certainly understand that concern. However, I want to stress that this will be an OBJECTIVE, SERIOUS casting call. This is for all intents and purposes the creator-approved, official English translation and dub, and I will be picking the BEST VAs for the roles, regardless of any of my past or current relationships. I expect that some people will be mad at me, but I am very serious about the quality of this project.

So I have to be a professional? Might as well not even try....

No, no. You don't have to be a professional. This is a fan project, BY fans FOR fans, and it's not as if Kaiji Tang is going to show up. (Bryce Papenbrook keeps clawing at the door, but we just ignore him.) However, I'll tell you right now that a cell phone or headset mic just isn't going to cut it. We don't expect studio quality, but we need you to at least be invested enough to own a microphone.

So you're the one casting, but you're also auditioning? That doesn't seem fair.

I definitely understand that concern, and I can assure you that this isn't a vanity project. I am, first and foremost, a voice actor, but I won't shoehorn myself in as whatever I want just because I'm more or less in charge. I'll do some auditions, and let the public decide if I make the cut. If I do, great, if I don't, I won't be a sore loser. This I promise.

I can't voice act, but I want to help out in other ways. What can I do?

We could definitely use some more help! I believe the job we need help with the most is implementing text into the game. I won't lie to you: it's a monotonous job. But the more people we have doing it, the faster it will go, and I promise you'll get a shiny place in the credits and a special place in my heart.

I want to join your Discord!

That's awesome! We are encouraging everyone interested in participating in this project to join us at our server here! Mingle with other candidates, ask questions, and, of course, enjoy some quality memes.

Tl;dr: We are casting for the official, creator-approved dub of the Korean fangame Danganronpa Another 2. We are looking for talented, passionate voice actors and Danganronpa fans like us to make this a reality! Join our Discord!

I can't wait to hear some awesome auditions! Win or lose, I hope everyone has fun and gains some experience.

*NOTE*: NO ONE WILL BE CAST BEFORE THE DEADLINE! So no need to rush or panic. 

*NOTE 2*: I will give serious feedback upon request, after which I will privately message you. This will be as professional of feedback as I can give, and you are certainly free to re-audition if you choose to.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold