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About suzulin


 I go by the name RiN now and I am a voice actress!  I can speak in fluent English and Japanese. You can view the works I've been involved in through my youtube channel under the social links! ^^

For now, I'm just trying to gain as much experience as possible!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Have a great day <3

  • @jazz_stewart

    What can I even say about this wonderful voice actress? She is hands down the most underrated voice actress I have ever worked with. She is always on time with returning lines, open to feedback, just an overall blast to work with. She is going to be someone to definitely watch within the next few years. Do not forget about me when you make it big Suzulin.

  • @whitecat

    ^^ i have joined This site from a friend of mine on discord used to be on a game called Geometry dash and i have that talents of art , gaming , singing , crazy stuff XD like my first Audio on my profile but i'm glad to meet you ^^/ glad cos i support your voice !

  • @sichopsysva

    Suzulin is an amazing VA that makes such good quality voice work for any project! She is fluent in Japanese and English and has the most adorably bubbly voice acting ability that brings the best out of her played characters. Consider it a treat if she participates in your project cause you definitely want her on board! 11/10 #giverinachance

  • @csr-creations

    Firstly, might I start by saying what an amazingly kind and bighearted person Rin is? They also have such a sweet voice and incredible range, it was an absolute joy listening to them breathe life into my character. Rin stuck with me through my very first fully voiced project and so I could never thank them enough for how much patience and understanding they showed me. They were very professional and great with taking direction, also provided several takes for each line. Absolutely adored every moment working with Rin.