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About Soul Beneficiary - Audio Dramatization

Feel free to join us on our Discord server! https://discord.gg/MhRTfy3kKQ


Hi, everyone! My name is Marian Morton. I'm a voice actor and a writer, and I'm creating an audio dramatization of a novel I've written called Soul Beneficiary. Welcome to the casting call! The current release plan includes Spotify and YouTube. 


Soul Beneficiary tells the story of Noelle Reeves, a college sophomore whose life plans are interrupted when she inherits the Antiquity Hotel, a failing ghost tour attraction in the city of Wescaster. Not only is the hotel actually haunted, but Noelle must find a way to protect its inhabitants from something much more sinister.


I will need fabulous VA's to play the various ghosts, reapers, wraiths, angels, and, yes, even the actual living humans that wander the story. Your talent is needed! 

Only a handful of characters will be cast on September 15th depending on my satisfaction with the auditions. The deadline will be extended for all other characters. Please note that more and more characters will be available to audition for over the next several weeks.

Make sure you have a quality mic (USB mics are perfectly acceptable, iPhones are not), that you remove background noise from your recordings as much as possible, and that you're in a good place to record, be it your home studio, your closet, or under a nice, thick blanket. I recommend Audacity or GarageBand as your recording software if you're just starting out.


- I will be communicating primarily through Discord! Please include your Discord handle in your audition or list your communication platform of preference.

- Please be ready to come into this project positive, responsive, and committed! I LOVE to have fun, and that's exactly how this project should feel for everyone involved!

- I'm gonna emphasize the word COMMITTED here. Backing out halfway through would really hurt the project (and my heart), so please, please be prepared and excited to stick with it! I in turn promise not to take up more of your time than is absolutely necessary.


Feel free to message me here on CCC!

Good luck, everyone!!

Love, your Ghost Host, Marian <3

About the Creator: mmorton

I'm an American voiceover actress and an audio drama creator. Can't wait to work with you!

Discord: mmorton#1893
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mmortonVA

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