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Video Games

Dislyte - Additional Voices - Lilith Games (Mobile)

Doomsday Paradise - Crewmate & Mimic - Lemonade Flashbang (Steam)

Bardic: Quest For Love - Vinny - Breadwork Games (Steam) (In Production)

Sophistry - Love & Despair - Kent - 2 Cubs Studio (Steam)

The Lancaster Leak - O'Brien State Park - Bradey Kaufman - Jflyer Games (Steam)

The Lancaster Leak - Crisis at Call Center - Call Center Employee - Jflyer Games (Steam)

Jeff's a Zombie! - Dan (Lead) - Moonlogic Games

Story of a Wanderer - Kuro (Lead) - TheKikkaKibaz

Last One Standing: Royal Massacre - Kostya Evanoff (Lead) - Crimson Sugar Studio

Freak the Town - Siegfried - Jam Garden

Outfox: Luck of the Cards Kohaku - Cheezy Cruckles

Corpse Party: English Dub - Sakutaro Morishige - Syndromedia

Voices of Wynn (Minecraft mod) - Ferndor, Injured Prisoner, Salesman, & Baker - Voices of Wynn

Project Terra (Final Fantasy IX mod) - Alleyway Jack, Nimitz, Fishman - Mesden

Animation/Comic Dubs

Final Fantasy Tactics In a Nutshell - Algus - RABToons

Final Fantasy XIV: The Dragonsong War In a Nutshell - Emmanellain, Laurentius, Elite Imperial Officer, & one of the "We Know" guys - RABToons

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood In a Nutshell - Meffrid, Skull Soldier, Imperial Soldier, and Farmer
- RABToons

Chrono Trigger In a Nutshell - Ozzie, Doan, and Castle Guard
- RABToons

Growing up Gerudo - Teen Link - Rockfish Dubs

Brush Settings - Vic, Restaurant Worker, College Student - Eruthia VA

Tenacious - Henry & Joe - Omniisim Productions

Final Fantasy IV Fandub - Prince Edge Geraldine, Engineer, & Corio's Assistant - JoDaSpec Productions

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Fandub - Prince Edge Geraldine - JoDaSpec Productions

Fandub of Final Fantasy IX - Zorn, Blutzen, & Mosco - Fractured Crystal Studios

Dissidia Opera Omnia English Fandub - Bartz - Opera Voices

Pokemon Abridged: FireRed & LeafGreen - Fred & Ted, Cueball, Edgar - Skul

Skies of Arcadia Legends Dubbed - Dyne, Centime, & Valuan Soldier - Joshua8824Racing

Legend of Dragoon Fandub - Plos & Helena Warden - NogardDragN TV

Chrono Trigger Cinematic Dub - Ozzie - pastaplumber9000

Narrated JRPG Presents Xenogears - Breuer
- Narrated JRPGs

If Link Actually Recognizes Sheik As Zelda - Link - GabaLeth

The Final Smash Bros. Revival - Ike - GabaLeth

Chrom is the Saddest Dad In All The Platform Fighting Games - Chrom - GabaLeth

This is Definitely How Psychic Pokemon Get Their Powers - Owl - GabaLeth

When a Pokemon Loses Its Sole Purpose In Life - Electrode - GabaLeth

NOTHING Could Withstand Palkia's Special Rend - Jigglypuff - GabaLeth

Lessons with Final Fantasy VI Comic Dub - Locke - Kaori Suzuki

The Chara Timeline - A Deltarune Comic Dub - Asriel - Patrick Hurt

Danganronpa 1 In a Nutshell - Makoto Naegi - AquaSniper VA

Frieze Blinds Goku - Goku - Diamond Dubs

"The Reveal" Miraculous Ladybug Comic Dub - Adrien Agreste - Diamond Dubs

"Sleepy" Miraculous Ladybug Comic Dub - Adrien Agreste - legofan506

"Confession in the Rain" Miraculous Ladybug Comic Dub - Adrien Agreste - legofan506

"Pizza Time" Miraculous Ladybug Comic Dub - Adrien Agreste - legofan506

"Don't Stop Please" Miraculous Ladybug Comic Dub - Adrien Agreste - Falcus Comic Dub

"Together Forever" Miraculous Ladybug Comic Dub - Adrien Agreste - Falcus Comic Dub

LinkedUniverse Comic Dubs - Wild - shin a

Goku vs. Vegeta! (A Fortnite Short Film) - Goku - FortStories

Mega Max X vs. Zombies - Sigma - NanoSoft

PvP Ed: Warsong Gulch - All Voices - Prime Productions

Saving Lt. Fox - Col. Mad Dog - Prime Productions

Molynthei - Guard 1 - TheWhiteDeer

The Crown and the Flame (Dub) - Nevrakis Soldier - Kiirby Mariee 17

"Short Voice Over Comic Dub Friday #1" - Father - Kiirby Mariee 17

Audio Drama/Podcast

The Strata - Orlov - Beyond the Dark Productions

Once Upon A Wasteland - Deputy Eamon Byrne - Once Upon A Wasteland

Audio of the Arcane Presents Breanna's Haven - AJ Goode - Audio of the Arcane

Murder Manor - Luke Rogers - Syndromedia

Soul Beneficiary - Kent Glover - Marian Morton

Primordial Tales - Cletus & Narrator (Episode 8) - Primordial Tales

Diehard GameCAST - Host - Diehard GameFAN

Phobias Unlimited - Joel & Employee - Sole Twin Audios

Tarkov Oni Files - Haephestus Ship Captain - JumperScape Media

Voice Acting Mastery - 2021

Voice Acting Workshop

Instructed by Crispin Freeman & Maureen Price
Sunny Blue Studios - 2021

6 Week Voice Acting Bootcamp

Instructed by Rachael Messer
Sunny Blue Studios - 2021

Private Coaching

Instructed by Rachael Messer
Sarah Broude - 2021

Acting Coaching

Instructed by Sarah Broude
Sunny Blue Studios - 2021

All About Auditions

Instructed by Rachael Messer
- 2022

Voice Acting Workshop

Instructed by Kayleigh McKee
- 2023

Voice Acting Workshop

Instructed by Jamieson Price
  • @crimson-sugar-studio

    We can't even begin to express what a pleasure it was to work with him! He is both talented and diligent, and was able to flawlessly bring our protagonist to life, finishing the 100+ lines we sent him in just a few days. In terms of tone, he perfectly replicated all of the emotions we asked for, expressing exactly what we needed for every scene even without overly specific instruction. Really, we couldn't have found a better person to voice our main character, and are extremely grateful that we got the chance to work with him!

  • @voicesofwynn

    Excellent voice actor. He voiced an injured prisoner for one of our quests and did a great job with him! Also, send in the lines fast and was very active. Cool guy!

  • @voicesofwynn

    Second-time mdprime voice acted for us! He got picked again because of his great voice acting skills! Great dude!

  • @falcus

    I Worked with him for the first time anyways, but he's response and work ethics was top notch and I recommend him a lot!!!

  • @travistouchdown

    He was the perfect fit for a voice I needed on a project and was able to turn it around quickly and exactly as I needed it. Highly recommend!

  • @joshuaspectorva

    Sean is such a wonderful voice actor! I worked with him on one of my Final Fantasy Fandubs ( He takes direction well, is an absolute pleasure to work with, and delivers his lines on schedule! He has a range of voices for various types of characters and is able to deliver his lines with strong emotion. I would 100% recommend him for any casting director! I greatly look forward to working with him again.

  • @j-ros

    Sean and I have been in numerous projects together, and each time is as good as the last. He's very consistent, professional, and a joy to be around. I highly recommend him!

  • @almibui

    Sean is a kind and welcoming colleague to work with. I was new to a project that he was already in and he showed me nothing but guidance and patience as I was navigating my way through it. His actions and his approach in life speaks volumes to his character and beyond that he is a very talented voice actor. He is quick on his feet when it comes to improv and is dedicated to delivering the best. Sean is THE person any director or colleague should want on their team.

  • @thekikkakibaz

    Sean voiced the main character of my game project. He is an incredible voice actor, nailed the emotions, was committed to the project, provided important feedback and is a cheerful presence in the group. I'm fortunate to have had the chance to work with Sean!!

  • @jflyer45

    Excellent voice actor and clearly talented! Very timely and strong communication skills. High quality recordings and had a great attention to detail. It was a pleasure working with him! 

  • @jwj

    A great actor, with a amazing voice, and an absolute pleasure to work with.  Highly recommended!

  • @killua_ki

    Honestly, I am mad at myself for not doing this sooner. Sean is very passionate about his work and can appreciate the amount of time it takes for projects to come out. He never complains and is always thrilled to be a helping hand. I'm happy to have him in my projects and I look forward to him having more roles in the future. I've watched him really take voice acting head on for the last two years. Can't wait to see what's in store for him next.