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About JennaOliverVA

Hello! My name is Jenna.  I am a queer, non-binary writer and voice actor from Canada (PST timezone)

I am currently writing one of the lead writers at Wolf & Magpie Media. Our team has written, produced and published over eight projects since October 2022.

I'm all about positivity and having fun doing something I am passionate about with likeminded people. LGBTQ+ and fantasy projects are my jam. 

Any pronouns 🏳️‍🌈

Private Coaching - 2019

Foundations of Voice Acting

Instructed by Jesse Inocalla

A crash course on the foundations of voice acting. The importance of “acting” over the “voice”. How to develop the character in your mind while reading lines. Changing delivery based on who you are speaking to. How to make you auditions stand out among the crowd. 

Private Coaching - 2019

Voicing for Commercials

Instructed by Jesse Inocalla

Everything you need to know about voicing for commercials. The five types of delivery. Learning how to truly SELL the product.

On The Mic - 2020

ADR & Anime Dubbing

Instructed by Cole Howard

This class focuses on performance, technique and timing for dubbing. Mock dubbing sessions are dedicated to getting you up to speed for how a typical dubbing session works. You'll also learn about Walla sessions and techniques for performing efforts and reax in A.D.R sessions.

On the Mic - 2019

Voice Acting for Video Games

Instructed by Jason Simpson

Join a fun-filled, in-depth class that is intended for people interested in additional voice-over opportunities other than cartoons and commercials. This class focuses on maximizing your time On the Mic. 

  • Become familiar with mic technique and industry terminology

  • Overview of the gaming industry

  • Learn how to stand out from the crowd, what can make your voice – auditions stand apart from the rest

  • End goal awareness

  • Learn about where to find the work

  • Pushing your boundaries with character creation

  • Push backs – questions and feedback for the producer-director

  • Recording auditions-critiquing auditions

  • In studio session tips for performance

  • Audition for on-line games

  • Taking direction

Steve Blum Masterclass - 2021

Steve Blum’s Masterclass

Instructed by Steve Blum

An online overview going over all things voiceover! Learning how to get into character to how to market yourself. 


Flexible. Always willing to with the project creators to find a fair compensation that works for their budget.

What JennaOliverVA is looking for

Would love to be involved in LGBTQ2IA+ projects. As well as fantasy, sci-fi, horror and slice of life stories. Open to a lot of different genres and mediums— from original comic dubs to audio dramas, visual novels, animations, video games and more! 

Also open to inquiries about NSFW projects. Will not do anything involving underaged characters or “aged up” versions of minors.

  • @shinyturtw1g

    Jenna was a joy to act beside in our last project together, and I am ecstatic to be working with her again. Her sense of humor is spot on and her presence absolutely elevated what I was able to bring to the table in my performance. I hope to work with her many more times.

  • @amandathompson

    I attended online classes with Jenna. She is very nice! She help me improve my voice acting and even told me about this website. She encourages me and always does such great work in voice acting. Lots of emotion behind her voice! Recommend!

  • @envyvoices

    Jenna puts a lot of passion into everything they do. They are always so sweet and positive. It's a breath of fresh air in this competitive industry. They are an incredible actress and an asset to any project.

  • @doingmybest

    Jenna was a wonderful person to work with. She had fantastic communication skills as well as providing more than enough material to work with. She was able to take directorial notes and bring a new product to the table in a very quick turn around time. Her overall connection to the project was sincere and she showed a great love for what she does. It was a pure pleasure to work with her!

  • @faxjam

    Jenna was great to work with, brilliant communication and completion of the voice work for the project despite a very tight time frame for the delivery of voices needed. They put a tonne of personality and energy into the role for my animation and the technical aspect of their recording made it sound very crisp, clear and professional.

    Really has benefited my animation project, will definitely request their VO talents again for future roles!

  • @maxthatacts

    There is so much I could say about Jenna, but that would keep us here all day. So, why don't I point out the obvious? Jenna is an exceptional addition to any cast, as I've seen in the various projects we've done together; always supportive of her fellow cast, helpful whenever they can be, and truly talented when it comes to the voice work they provide. If you're looking for a ray of sunlight, backed up by oodles of talent - look no further than Jenna Oliver.

  • @PeteMcVoices

    I had the good fortune to work alongside Jenna on Venomous Duck Media's production of Gareth and the Lost Island , and wow, Jenna was amazing! Not only is Jenna a tremendously versatile voice talent, but incredibly hard working and upbeat. The love of the craft really shines through! Jenna was a real pleasure to with.