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About Connerh612

Professionally-trained voice talent with dramatic, aspirational delivery. Experienced podcast host with full command of articulate narration and character-driven media alike.

  • @thewhiterose000

    Conner is an outstanding individual for voice acting whose dedicated a fair portion of his time towards helping us with various projects and we're incredibly thankful to be able to get his help on our YouTube projects.

    One of which can be viewed at the following link.

  • @carabyte

    Conner performed in a supporting role in my audio drama and is an absolute pleasure to work with. Always open to taking on more and doing things over, he did a fantastic job in bringing his characters to life. Super talented. Couldn't recommend him more.

  • @rabbitt

    Conner did an amazing job as Raymond in my project! Though there weren't many lines in the project for him, what he did with them is what counts. He brought so much life to the character and I couldn't ask for anyone to do a better job! I highly recommend him!