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About Pandemonium (original game and Visual Novel.)

*~- - ** This audition process ends 07/31/2017, not 2016! Sorry for the confusion! ** - ~~*

(Lots of people were asking.. xD sorry for the confusion. CCC really should show the year ; w ;)

This is for a game I'm working on. The voices may or may not be used in the end of the game, but I also plan on making a visual novel version of some things as well, which would use the voices. I don't have pictures for the characters made up just yet, since I'm honestly just starting up (I have them for Mishka and Semira, and have started one of Shelly, but that's it, so I decided instead to just leave them all out. I know what they look like in my mind, but I'm looking for voices right now anyway, appearance isn't really relevant to the voices. At least I never thought so. 

THIS PROJECT MAY BECOME A PAID PROJECT DEPENDING ON A FEW FACTORS IN THE FUTURE. If you are cast, you may receive an amount based on role, line-count, etc. And while these voices may or may not be used in the game, they will be used in the Visual Novel version. For the VN, more characters will be added, but for now I'd like to just get these main characters out of the way (nation leaders, the High Magi and main party, along with one other important character ^^).

Pandemonium follows the tale of a young Prince, Leonel, on his journey to end the war that has taken much from him and his family, along with many across the entire land of Medeis.

The world has gone into a war due to rumours spread, and the new power found within the Lapis Potentia, a stone that holds great magical properties, found in all elements across the many lands. 

While the High Magi Council is trying to be a neutral force in the war, to bring the peace back, all may not be as it seems, and we find many of the rumours were simply a distraction...

You will likely have questions, and if you're cast, they'll be answered ;3 If not, then I'd like to keep all these things answered in game! 


Please have a VERY CLEAR Microphone.Minimal to no background noise. Clear sound to the voice. No pops, and please don't peak there will be a lot of yelling in the script, and I'd love if it didn't sound like crap when it happens. xD 

You can audition as many times as you like, for as many characters as you like! Just know that I will be giving honest feed back that you may or may not like ; w ; I appreciate that you want to be part of this, as I'm pouring my everything into this project, and to have interested people is wonderful! I just want it to be perfect, so please don't be upset. ^^ You can always try again, after taking what I say into consideration!

This auditioning process will last a full year(plus some) or until I find the perfect voices I'm looking for. 

In the Auditions, feel free to play around with accents!! I know I don't want all of them to sound North American, but I'm not sure what I want exactly.. xD We'll see what comes up... May end up all North American if we don't find something that works, but yeah. :3

About the Creator: ayreth

Voice actress, writer and director! :D

To keep up with my projects and work on here, go ahead and follow me, or subscribe to my youtube for completed videos!

Don't hesitate to drop me a message! Be it as a request to audition for something, or just to chat! I love meeting new people!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold