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About Hunturrito

Hunter, 17, (un)professional voice actress

Don't trip over your expectations.

As someone who has worked in theatre and the wonderful world of voice as a passion from the time I was a wee young'in, I'd venture to say I've learned enough to consider myself to be "good" at it. I'm passionate, I genuinely enjoy what I do, and I take criticism well (trust me, it's hard to hurt my feelings). I love working with artists, directors, and castmates, as well as and building a network of diverse friends and acquaintances. I hope we work together soon!

Demos & Samples

SkyeBear Character/Animation Demo [Fall] 2017

Contact me via my website ( or shoot me a PM and I'll get back to you ASAP. Thanks~

  • @acrylicchan

    Skyebear is a brilliant voice actor. From what I've received from her, you know that she "becomes" the character she's auditioned for and sets the scene.

    Skyebear is also good at sticking to deadlines because she got her lines in before the deadline I set.

  • @zaru

    Skyebear is a very talented voice actor. She really gets into her character, and not only delivers the lines in a fantastic way, she sounds like she has fun doing it!

    She's also really good at having her lines done before the deadline, as she had already recorded and given me her part only a few days after she was cast.

  • @dlej-dlj

    She's a great VA . We still working on a project called "Sweet-tale". As the creator of the project I could say that she's great and active all the TIME! She is one of the best VA I ever have!

  • @shelly-g

    I was very excited when I first got the chance to work with Skyebear as she was oozing with raw talent and enthusiasm. I couldn't be happier she really knows how to portray characters as better than I ever imagined. I honestly haven't met any other person that genuinely loves what she does, always on time with line delivery, professional and dedicated. She is every directors dream! If you have not worked with her yet, you are missing out on a great talent. I highly recommend!

  • @gamebot-2000

    She's a great voice actress! She did the voice of Undyne for my OFFtale comic dub, and I think it turned out pretty well! :D

  • @fris

    She's a great Voice actor to work with, always gets the script completed on time and has a great voice for pretty much most roles given to her.

  • @artafly

    I am a well close friend to Skye, and I believe her voice acting is superb! She stays updated and always responds back quick ready to voice act. I've also had her voice act for me for different occasions. Never disappointed! Talented individual!