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    About Monster Prom Events Dub


    Monster Prom is a very verbally vulgar game, visually there is no nudity, or sex, or anything explicit or anything inappropriate to my virgin eyes or your Christian sensibilities. But by-golly does this game embrace saying curse words, and talking about doing hard drugs and killing and things of that nature. To be in this you will have to be comfortable with cursing, or talking about doing drugs. There is mention of sex in the game, meaning a character may say "I have a lot of sex." but it never goes further than that.

    Quick Synopsis

    A fully voiced dub of each of the character's events or plot lines.

    Game Summary:

    Monster Prom is a competitive dating-sim, that takes place in a monster filled high school. Your task as one of 4 player characters is to score a prom date from a selection of 6 memorable monsters by the end of six weeks. 


    Hi, hello, hey there! I'm Brandon and I've never directed a project before, so if that's off-putting I totally understand, but I thought this would be pretty fun to try and I felt Monster Prom would be a great vessel to wiggle my bones and stretch my toes into production management as well as getting a taste of casting and the like. So I hope you join me!

    The Plan, Stan:

    So my goal here is to dub Polly's(Though Vera is the best, do not even @ me) events, both successful and failed, first, and then branch out to the other characters later. The videos will focus on only one event per video, rather than full 60 minute play throughs. This will keep the videos short, and the editing pretty quick, and cuts out a lot of the repetitive lines. My ultimate goal is that everyone who is cast will have taken part in a video that is fully edited and put out for the world to see. I'm not saying this will become a "dead project" but trying to edit and produce 388 outcomes by myself seems like quite the endeavor!

    Possible Hiccups:

    I'm fully committed into putting the time into this project and I already have most of the events for Polly recorded. However there are some problems that may arise, outside of my human control, and may make the time between getting all of the lines out difficult. The main one being that the events you get and even what choice is correct are completely luck based. So for instance, every character has a secret ending, but the chances of actually getting that event to even occur is based on luck and not skill. So lets just say that the RNG Gods whip and nae nae in my favor, and I do trigger the special event to occur. There are then 2 choices for me to make, BUT even what choice is correct is based on luck and can be totally different than it was in a different play through, fail that, and then the cycle repeats. So for each event there are a total of 4 outcomes, each with a few different lines of dialogue, so at the bare minimum it will take 4 play troughs to get every line of dialogue recorded per event.

    Auditioning Rules and Conduct:

    1. 1) ACTING is my big thing! More so over cool voices, because I don't have the ability or credentials to make you a better actor, but as long as you have the vocal range and the acting is spot on, then I feel the voice can be work-shopped.
    2. 2) DEADLINES! I was told this was very important! So if you miss them I will be very angry and will inflate to twice my size and crush you with my expanded form... or kick you off the project, whichever comes to mind first.
    3. 3) FEEDBACK. If you want my 2-cents on your audition feel free to ask, but, again I'm really no one qualified to do so, thus my opinion would really only apply to how well you did toward this project in particular.
    4. 4) BEHAVIOR. I'm like one of those teachers that says on the first day that they wanna have fun, but expects you to be able to carry your own weight. I want you guys to enjoy doing this, but not if that means making someone else feel uncomfortable, I know the game is vulgar, but that does not mean the other actors are vulgar.
    5. 5) DISCORD. If you want to interact with me or other people there will be a discord, it will also have relevant information regarding things like updates and deadline changes(if any occur)

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold