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About Fire Emblem Heroes Comic Dubs (Voxridian Dubs)

Project History:

This dub series started back in December of 2017 and has been active ever since. Today, it has amassed 1,000,000+ views over 34+ episodes.

About the Project:

This project is to dub and semi-animate the comics released on the 4koma Fire Emblem Heroes manga, with each comic consisting of 4 panels depicting a humorous scene with various Fire Emblem characters, usually ending with a punchline. Each episode will be published on my fan dub Youtube account, Voxridian. This casting call is to recruit Voice Actors to voice new characters in the series.

About the Roles:

Each role usually only has anywhere between a single line to a few lines, as each episode only consists of 4 panels. However, some characters reappear in other episodes and thus may be reoccurring. These roles will be noted to appear in more than one episode, but; as the series is still active and consistently publishing new entries, some characters may go from a "Minor" role, appearing in only one episode with one line, to a "Lead" role, with 2 or more episodes and many lines, and thus even minor roles will be given proper audition lines to ensure cast actors can perform their roles in other scenarios than those currently known.


1. All voice actors must have good microphone quality (minimal pops, "plosives", static, background noise, etc.). Blue Yeti microphones or better are recommended.

2. All voice actors must have a Discord account, which will be the primary form of communication and sending lines. Sending lines via email or Google Drive links are also acceptable if the files are too large. If you do not have a Discord account, it is a free mobile and desktop app and offers text and voice chat for free.

3. Voice actors must be able to deliver lines within a reasonable time of receiving their script(s). Depending on the role, lines will be expected to be recorded and turned in within 1 or 2 weeks, with 4 days there afterward for any retakes.

4. Voice actors must be able to take direction, both in writing and (preferably) in live voice sessions (being directed in voice chat while recording). 

5. While not a requirement, it should be noted that these characters do have official voices in their original games, however, some of the characters are depicted differently than their original counterparts and thus do not need to sound just like them, so original interpretation is encouraged! 


It is highly recommended you provide multiple takes with varying delivery within your audition(s). This will boost your chances of being cast, as it shows me you can perform the same lines with variety and with different approaches. Please send in no more than 3 takes of each line in your audition(s).

This casting call will mainly consist of the Múspell and Nifl characters that will appear in the comic dubs I am planning to dub next!

The casting call will close Monday, April 15th at 12:00am (Pacific Daylight Time)

Good luck and have fun auditioning!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold