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About Fire Emblem Fates Critical Hit Fandubs - Children Version

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---What's the project?---
This project will be a fandub of all the children character's Critical Hit Quotes in the Nintendo 3DS game; Fire Emblem Fates. As well as this, there will be an attack following the crit as well as a victory quote.

You may not need to record any lines if we are happy to use your audition files as the final set of lines. But please be prepared for a small amount of recording if need be! 

Although all of these characters have English voice actors, who will be listed and have voice clips for you to check out, we are open to original takes as well as impressions!

1. Good quality microphone - We're not after a super expensive mic, and we'll settle for Blue Snowball as the lowest quality. Please don't use a computer mic though, and be sure to have a decent recording environment. Recording in the cupboard, under the bed, in a room with low ceiling to avoid echos. Also be sure to lower your gain so that you don't peak when shouting!

2. Act - Having a voice is all well and good, but you MUST be able to act. Deliver good emotion in the victory quote (Be happy! You've defeated an enemy!), and deliver a strong 'Hah' (not a half-hearted one). And of course, really put energy into the critical hits! Shouting is all well and good, but have that commanding, threatening presence in your voice. 

3. Audition for as many roles as you like! There's no limit to how many characters you can be cast as! We'll probably look at a limit of 3 characters if audition numbers are high, and 1 if they are remarkably high. But just be sure to sound distinct in each role! 

4. Auditions will be 'judged' by myself and Voxridian. While we will not be self casting, we may audition as well and cast ourselves that way. 

5. If you would like feedback, please leave a comment below or PM either of us and we'll be happy to go over your audition(s) with you! 

6. Do multiple takes - Preferably around 3, no more than 5. 

7. Get creative with the battle grunts - Although I've just put 'Hah!' for all the characters, feel free to use a different grunt [e..g Yah! Tah! Hi-YAH! Haaaah! Argh! etc] or use a line [Take this! Here! Now! You're DEAD! etc]. Line 2 is your line to get creative! 

That's all for now. We'll be casting the day after the deadline, and make any extensions on the updates! 
Any queries or anything just PM us!
Good luck :D

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold