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  • Skills
    Digital Art
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    Young Adult
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    Nigerian (learning)
    English (British)
    North American
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Voice acting Contact:

Discord @ Voxridian#4684

Hello! I'm Braeden Gilliss; cartoonist, writer, actor, voice artist and aspiring internet personality. I am known as "Gills" on Colorslive.com and was somewhat popular on Miiverse (R.I.P.); making comics based on Smash Bros, Pokémon and Fire Emblem, among other things.

I am Voxridian on Youtube, where I make a series of fan dubs of Fire Emblem Heroes comics and now I'm working on a Fire Emblem Echoes Incorrect Quotes series. I've also made a small series of Final Smash! (Smash Bros) comic dubs.

My vocal range is from male medium-high to certain ranges of deep.

Vocal/Acting Inspirations:
Kaiji Tang, Matthew Mercer, Anthony Del Rio, Johnny Cruz, Chris Evans, Chris Pine, Monty Python, Jack Black, Tom Hiddleston.

Franchises/series I am familar with. I know a relatively good deal of the characters within, so I may be more natural with:
Fire Emblem
Nintendo (Smash, Mario, Zelda, etc.)
Star Trek and Star Wars
Marvel's Avengers
Sherlock Holmes
Fate/ Grand Order

See below for roles I have been cast for and what I am currently working on!

Brothers on the site! @Ethan Artist and @ThorGodOfRock


Currently building my portfolio, so I'll voice for free for projects I am interested in to improve my vocal range and gain experience (and have fun). However, I am always happy to work for hire to help provide for better equipment, and maybe to help pay the bills.

If hiring me:

| Rate: $5.00 per minute of recorded work |

-Raises if strenuous yelling/voice is required.


The following will soon be reorganized for clarity and convenience (it's grown outta control!!)


Project: Terraglyph

Employer: Dangergoblin

Occupations: Artist (retired) and Voice Actor

Artist role: Battle Sprite artist (retired)

Voice role: The Spirit of Adventure

Status: Awaiting Lines



Project: Fire Emblem "Chrobin"

Director: Shaquille Hawkins (RedPhoenix15)

Supporting Roles: Frederick, Basilio, Gaius

Status: Published, On-going

Episode: Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3 (in progress)

Project: Marvel Comics Star Wars Comic book Audio Comic Dub

Channel: The Comic Experience

Director: Gilbert and Daniel (The Krayt Dragon)

Minor Roles: Farmer 2 and Thug 3

Status: Recording Lines

Project: Star Wars Kindred Spirits

Channel: The Comic Experience

Director: RobVA

Role: Captain of the Steady-On

Status: Recording Lines

Project: Masquerade, Overwatch Comicbook Dub

Directors: TopHat and Cinnx3

Lead Role: Doomfist

Minor role: French Omnic Waiter

Status: Lines Submitted and approved. Awaiting publication.



Project: Fire Emblem Behind Her Mask

Director: Shaquille Hawkins (RedPhoenix15)

Supporting Role: Owain

Minor Roles: Frederick, Soldiers and Villagers (various)

Status: Published

Episode: Finale and Epilogue

Director: Alejo Patten

Role: Inspector Skylar, Dream Creature

Status: Published, completed

Videos: Episode 1, Finale

Director: FishyFried

Lead Role: Euden

Status: Published

Episodes Published: Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3

Project: Batman/TMNT comic dub

Director: Hype VoiceActing
Role: Foot Soldier
Video: Episode 6

Project: Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Showcase

Director: Donkeydude

Roles: PitDark Pit, Shulk

Status: Published

Project: Marvel Comics Infinity War Prelude

Channel: The Comic Experience

Directors: Lauren, GrandStagStudios

Lead Role: Loki

Status: Completed, Published.

Video: Youtube

Project: Marvel One-shot Funnies Series (Fan Comics)

Channel: The Comic Experience

Director: LonnieIV

Lead Role: Loki

Status: Published

Video: Youtube

Director: CrystalBlitzVA

Supporting Role: Doomfist

Status: Completed, published.

Project: Boku no Hero Academia Comic dubs

Director: CrystalBlitzVA

Supporting Role: All Might

Status: Completed, published.

Director: junon-pinon-kanon

Supporting Role:
 Narcian, minor roles.

Status: Recorded and published. Cancelled.

Episode(s): Intro videoChapter 1

Director: RedPhoenix15

Lead Roles: OwainFrederickGaiusBasilio

Status: On-going

Project: Overwatch RP and Comic Dubs

Director: R0ckB0ttom

Supporting Roles: HanzoWinston, Soldier: 76

Status: Completed, published.

Directors: Eecaruz and FishyFried

Supporting Role: Guy

Status: Completed, Published.

Video: Youtube

Project: Blazblue Astral Finish Dub

Director: Soledad

Supporting Role: Ragna

Status: Published

Video: Youtube

Project: Fire Emblem Fates 4Koma Comics

Director: MattWellsVA

Supporting Role: Silas

Status: Published

Video: Youtube

Project: Soulcalibur OC Fights

Director: RedPhoenix15

Lead Roles: Curtis Sanders, Iori Takahashi

Status: Completed

Video: Project: Krayt Dragon Films Star Wars Comic book dubs

Channel: The Comic Experience

Director(s): Allison McHi, KnightJar

Supporting Role:  Commander Dreed.

Extras Roles: StormtrooperRebel trooper/pilot, Imperial Officer.

Status: On-going.


Princess Leia #3 (Cmdr. Dreed) (non-canon voice)

Project: Pokémon World of Chaos

Director: TeeJayNumber13

Extras Roles: Cyrus, Commander Saturn, Police Chief, Others.

Status: Published

Project: Service'sBastion's Animation

Director: Service

Extras Role: Green Man

Status: Published

Video: Youtube



Project: Fate Abridged Order (Fate/Grand Order OVA Abridged)

Director: TwitchShadowVO

Status: Part One recorded and approved. Awaiting Publication. On Hold.

Project: Marvel Comic's 1872 Audio Comic

Channel: The Comic Experience

Director: Lauren 

Roles: Fisk's Lackey and Judge Nelson

Status: Lines submitted and approved. On-Hold

Project: Fire Emblem Heroes Confessions

Director: Mizu

Role: Ephraim

Status: Recorded and accepted.

Director: Brooklyndizzy

Roles cast: FrederickWalhartBrady, Garrick

Status: Recorded, On-hold

Project: Fire Emblem Echoes SoV Fandub

Director: Brooklyndizzy

Role: Forsyth

Status: Recorded and accepted. Awaiting Publication.

Project: Irony is Bliss (Fire Emblem comic)

Director: Fiery Leaves

Role: Seliph

Status: Recorded and Accepted. Awaiting Publication.

Director: Soledad

Roles cast: Odin and Azama

Status: Recorded and Accepted. Awaiting publication.

Director: Soledad

Supporting Role: Asugi

Status: Lines Submitted and Accepted. Awaiting Publication.



Director: Hunterry

Role cast: Winston

Status: On hold by director. (Probably cancelled)

Director: TopSecretGaming

Role Cast: Captain America

Status: Awaiting lines. (Probably cancelled)

Director: multificionado

Status: Awaiting lines (probably cancelled)

Director: Danzam

Role cast: Charmeleon, Townsmen.

Status: Recorded and accepted. On-hold by Director.



Project: Overwatch Skits

Director: DaFoxyGirl

Roles cast: 

Status: Recorded and Accepted. Cancelled.

Director: thebasicdubs

Role cast:  

Status: Cancelled.

Project: Fire Emblem Heirs of Fate Fandub

Director: Ayamiya

Role: Percy

Status: Unofficially Cancelled (Director abandoned project).



Project: Overwatch Skits

Employer: DaFoxyGirl

Role cast: Co-Writer

Status: Written and Accepted, Cancelled.

Project: Animal Fighter (Manga)

Director: Tenko


Role cast: Assistant writer/editor

Status: Retired. Now assisting in other ways

Project: Fire Emblem Fates Critical Hits Fandub Children Version

Director: Soledad

Role: Assistant Casting Director

Status: Completed 


^Under the video links, click on the character names to link straight to that character's debut scene for reference^


Casting Calls and Auditons

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