Fire Emblem Cipher Crits: Sacred Stones - MAIN CHARACTERS

Project Overview


This is the casting call for our second Cipher Crits video! The Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones anniversary is in October and just like the first tribute video Eecaruz and I made, this one will be created in celebration of that. All critical quotes are original and written by us exclusively for this project. The video will be presented in a compilation format along with game footage and cut-in artwork from the Fire Emblem Cipher (TCG) series. The finished product will look and be presented in a similar way to how critical quotes are done in the 3DS Fire Emblem games. The video will be uploaded to YouTube on Fishy Emblem.

Here is our previous Cipher Crits video!

For this anniversary, we will only be doing the main characters. The rest of the cast will likely be available for auditions at a later anniversary date once the full Cipher art set for Sacred Stones is released. Somewhere down the line when the final video with the full cast of characters is released, the actors cast here will retain their roles.

That being said, since these are the main characters, some of them will have both unpromoted and promoted dialogue as well as a voiced boss scene. All lines indicated by (vs. whatever character) will be a boss scene and a link to the battle will be provided. Please refer to our previous Cipher Crits video at 9:57 to get an idea of what this will look like once voiced! 

The order will be as follows:

Eirika (Unpromoted)
Ephraim (Unpromoted)
Tana (Promoted)
Innes (Promoted)
Joshua (Promoted) + Boss Dialogue vs. Carlyle
L’Arachel (Promoted) + Boss Dialogue vs. Riev
Myrrh + Boss Dialogue vs. Morva
Lyon + Boss Dialogue vs. Eirika
Eirika (Promoted) + Boss Dialogue vs. Valter
Ephraim (Promoted) + Boss Dialogue vs. Lyon
Gheb (Outro)


Please keep in mind that some character descriptions and lines contain spoilers!

1) Have good audio! No puffing, pops, or echoes and minimal background noise is preferred. The audio will be edited and amplified, so any imperfections in audio quality can become very apparent.

2) Please read the character descriptions carefully before auditioning to get an idea of what we're looking for! While most of the characters here have a voice actor in the mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes, Sacred Stones itself does not have an official dub. We’re absolutely open to, and would prefer any original interpretations that reflect the personality of the character!

3) Read your lines with emotion. Since most these are critical hit lines, the majority are meant to be delivered in a smug, condescending way, and/or even shouted! The boss dialogue generally portrays a scene where the character is facing a powerful adversary, exacting vengeance or fighting a loved one under dire circumstances. Please refer to the link provided for each boss scene!

4) Multiple takes of the critical hit lines are recommended. If you use a variety of intonations and emotions it increases the chance of us hearing something we like! Unless otherwise indicated by the (vs. whatever character) label, all lines are critical hit lines and should be delivered as such!

5) Please have Discord! With the exception of Eirika, Ephraim and Lyon who have four additional quotes, the lines listed are all the lines required for the project. If cast, you will not have to record any additional lines unless redos are necessary (due to pronunciation, delivery, audio quality, etc) in which case the actor will have two weeks to re-record.

6) Deadline for auditions is August 20th, 2018. No role will be cast before the deadline. If for some reason the deadline were to be extended, this rule will apply to the new deadline.


The final video is expected to release on October 7th, 2018. All the lines, footage, artwork and any additional assets are fully prepared so production will begin immediately after casting! If there are any questions, please feel free to message me or leave a comment on this page!

Thank you for your time & have fun! 

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Latest Updates

  • Casting Complete!

    Thank you everyone for your wonderful auditions! There was an incredible amount of amazing auditions and casting was immensely difficult for us. We will also be holding auditions for the rest of FE8’s cast as well as Cipher Crits for other Fire Emblem games in the future, should you be interested in that! Best of luck in all your voice acting endeavors and we hope to see you again!
Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Role assigned to: LizzRobinett

Princess of Renais and twin sister of Ephraim. Eirika is kind, gentle and forgiving. In contrast to her brother, she is a pacifist that solves issues without violence. Although naïve, she is also very brave in the face of adversity: she will never deny help to anyone who needs it, and despite her distaste for unnecessary violence, she will fight to protect both her friends and her kingdom. She was once good friends with Prince Lyon of Grado.

Game footage: Eirika

Voice: Medium to high | Compassionate, gentle, serene

FEH English Voice: Kira Buckland 
(Any original interpretations are more than welcomed and preferred!)

  • "I don’t need anyone’s protection!"

  • "Witness the steel of my will!"

    "I’ll never forget those peaceful days..."

  • (vs. Lyon) “Lyon, please! You must stop! I… I have no wish to fight you!”

    (vs. Valter) “I am here on a mission. One that I swore to my brother I would fulfill. I will not be stopped by the likes of you!” 

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Role assigned to: chromex20

Prince of Renais and twin brother of Eirika. Ephraim is revered by his comrades as a brave leader. He is renowned for his battle prowess, gift for strategy, and unwavering determination. Ephraim is also shown to have a very straight-to-the-point attitude, and dislikes wasting time on anything that strays from whatever goal is at hand. His biggest flaw is his overconfidence. Though he picks and chooses battles he is sure to win, he will easily put his life on the line in order to secure a victory. He was once good friends with Prince Lyon of Grado.

Game footage: Ephraim

Voice: Medium, Medium-low | Confident, headstrong, valiant

FEH Japanese Voice: Yashiro Taku 
(Any original interpretations are more than welcomed and preferred!)

  • "Let’s skip the pleasantries!"

    "My lance is resolute!"

  • "May Magvel know peace once more!"

    "One last battle, old friend..."

  • (vs. Lyon) “…No, you haven’t. You’re still no match for me. You were never one for combat. It’s not in you. You should never have chosen this path.”

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Role assigned to: RileyMooreVA

Lyon has the most dialogue in this video because he will not only have his own critical lines but will also appear in Ephraim’s boss exchange. 

Prince of Grado and a main antagonist of the game. Was once a gentle, kindhearted man who cared deeply for his friends and country.  He greatly admires his close friends, Eirika and Ephraim, princess and prince of Renais respectively. Although he is of noble lineage, Lyon often thinks of himself as weak and undeserving of the title. His greatest ambition was to be a strong ruler to protect his empire but harbored feelings of uselessness fueled by his failing health, his one-sided feelings for Eirika, and his hidden jealousy of Ephraim. 

When Lyon falls completely under the Demon King's control, he loses any semblance of courtesy and instead becomes menacing, dark and cruel. 

Game footage: Lyon

Voice as Lyon: Medium | Gentle, courteous, remorseful
Voice when possessed: Medium, medium-low | Sinister, wrathful, taunting

FEH English Voice: Mark P. Whitten & Demon King Voice
(Any original interpretations are more than welcomed and preferred!)

Ephraim = "Eff-rum"

  • (Normal Lyon) "Eirika… I’ve only ever wanted one thing..."

    (Possessed by demon king) "Foolish mortals… lament your fate!"

  • (vs. Eirika, possessed by demon king) Heh heh..Wretched girl. Are you listening, Lyon. Is this truly the girl you loved? Then I will use these hands to tear her limb from limb!

  • (vs. Ephraim, Normal Lyon) "Tell me, Ephraim: do I look like I’ve grown stronger? The last time we dueled, I was too weak to test you. Why, I was so weak, I even lost to Eirika…"

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Role assigned to: voicedbykenneth

A wandering swordsman with a fervor for gambling. Joshua is a very roguish, casual, and carefree person. He's also very cunning, enough so that he can cheat without getting noticed. Despite his jovial and carefree attitude, Joshua is very loyal, genuinely kind, caring, calm, and composed on the battlefield. In this boss battle Joshua returns to Jehanna to reunite with his mother, Queen Ismaire, only to find his traitorous mentor waiting at the throne.

Game footage: Joshua

Voice: Medium, medium-low | Laidback, crafty, casual

FEH English Voice: Todd Haberkorn 
(Any original interpretations are more than welcomed and preferred!)

Jehanna = "jeh-hah-nah"
Carlyle = "car-lie-ill"

  • "Shall we flip a coin?"

    "Jehanna is now mine to lead!"

  • "Fortune favors the bold!"

    "It’s time I surpass you!"

  • (vs. Carlyle) “Carlyle. How did this happen? You taught me how to wield a blade. You of all people…”

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Role assigned to: minybeats

Princess of Frelia and younger sister of Innes. Tana is talkative, cheerful and caring to all those she meets. She is willful and determined to do what she believes is right. She also strongly refuses to have people taking care of her, wishing to be seen as more of an adult than a young girl in battle and insists on not letting her princess status keep her away from the harsh reality. Tana also appears to harbor a crush on her old friend, Ephraim.

Game footage: Tana

Voice: Medium to high | Lively, naïve, endearing

FEH Japanese Voice: Tanaka Kumi 
(Any original interpretations are more than welcomed and preferred!)

Frelia = "freh-lee-ah"

  • "I was taught by Frelia’s finest!"

  • "Just watch what I can do, brother!"

    "I refuse to be a burden!"

  • "I’m more than a spoiled princess!"

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Role assigned to: SterlingCBeard

Prince of Frelia and elder brother of Tana. Innes has great pride in his skill with the bow and in his title as the prince of Frelia. Since he is of royalty, he believes that he cannot show any flaws, therefore he often comes off as callous or extremely austere. Innes's analytical and critical mindset is both his greatest asset and his worst flaw. His skills are very useful in times of crisis, but his interpersonal relationships suffer due to pride and it takes him a long time to build meaningful bonds with the other characters. However, he is actually a good and just person at heart who cares deeply for the wellbeing of his allies. He also harbors an intense rivalry with Ephraim that appears to be fueled by his own one-sided envy.

Game footage: Innes

Voice: Medium to low | Arrogant, dignified, proud

FEH English Voice: Xander Mobus 
(Any original interpretations are more than welcomed and preferred!)

Ephraim = "Eff-rum"
Frelia = "Freh-lee-ah"

  • "This is the best you can do?"

  • "Grovel before the prince of Frelia!"

    "I’d like to see Ephraim top this!"

  • "You’re barely worth my arrow!"

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Role assigned to: abigailturner

As the princess of Rausten, L'Arachel is spoiled and does not know much about fighting. Often portrayed as completely self-obsessed and egotistical, at many times comically because of it, she is actually very helpful, kindhearted and is always ready to aid those in need. She strongly believes in divine forces and is never mean-spirited; only slightly arrogant. L’Arachel fights for justice and order, emulating her parents who died doing the same when she was a little girl. 

Game footage: L’Arachel

Voice: Medium, medium-high | Vibrant, theatrical, haughty

FEH English Voice: Carrie Keranen 
(Any original interpretations are more than welcomed and preferred!)

Rausten = "raw-sten"
L'Arachel = "lara-shell"

  • "Surrender before the beautiful banisher of darkness!"

    "May the light of Rausten triumph!"

  • "Perish in the name of justice!"

    "Cad! Beast! Pervert! Devil!"

  • (vs. Riev) “Do you think your words will frighten me? I am the princess L’Arachel! Slaying demons is my forte! You who have sold your soul to the soulless… I grant you release from your wretched existence.”

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Role assigned to: jay levi

The incarnation of the legendary Great Dragon of old who aided mankind during the first great war against the Demon King. She is a manakete, a member of a race of human-like people with wings on their backs who can transform into dragons using dragonstones. Myrrh is a shy and humble girl who is often lonely. She is a bit insecure, and finds the title "Great Dragon" unfitting for her. Much of her dialogue is expressing concern for whomever she is speaking to, and she rarely talks otherwise. While she seems to prefer solitude, she actually longs for close companions.

In her boss exchange, Myrrh is facing her adoptive father who has been tragically turned into a dracozombie against his will. Although she loves him dearly, he cannot be returned to his original form and must be destroyed.

Game footage: Myrrh

Voice: High, medium-high | Lonely, timid, forlorn

FEH Japanese Voice: Kadowaki Mai 
(Any original interpretations are more than welcomed and preferred!)

Ephraim = "Eff-rum"

  • "It is my burden as the Great Dragon…"

    "For Ephraim… I must be brave!"

  • "I’ll carry on your legacy!"

    "Father, this is our final farewell..."

  • (vs. Morva) “…Urrgh… I’m… sorry…”

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Role assigned to: civiridian

This character does not have critical lines, but will appear in the boss dialogue exchange with Eirika.

Valter is a sadistic Wyvern Knight who wields his lance with unsurpassed skill and strength. He was part of the Imperial Three alongside Duessel and Glen; however, he was eventually fired by the Emperor for the mistreatment of innocents and slaughtering of surrendered opponents. Throughout the game, he expresses an interest in 'taming' Eirika, and seeks to make her his.

Voice: Medium to low | Condescending, cruel, snide

FEH English Voice: Imari Williams 
(Any original interpretations are more than welcomed and preferred!)

Renais = "reh-nay-iss"

  • (vs. Eirika) "Mmm… I’ve been waiting for you, Eirika!" 

  • “Have you forgotten? We met once at Castle Renais. No? Look closely, Eirika. Do you not remember the face of he who will master you?”

  • "Yes, resist. It’s much more fun for me that way. Come, Eirika. I should like to tame you!"

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Role assigned to: james burton

This character does not have critical lines, but will appear in the boss dialogue exchange with Joshua.

Leader of Jehanna’s army and a formidable swordmaster. He taught Joshua how to wield a sword. Carlyle is not an evil man; he had been deeply in love with the Queen of Jehanna, Ismaire, but because she was the king's wife he did not do anything to pursue her. After the king’s death, he betrays Jehanna and helps the Grado Empire take over out of desire to have the queen for himself.

In this battle exchange, Joshua will confront Carlyle and ask why he has taken this path, unable to fully comprehend why his mentor did such a deed. Carlyle believes it’s too late to turn back, and will fight Joshua with all his might.

Voice: Medium to low | Solemn, devoted, fervent

  • (vs. Joshua) “You… Could it be? You’ve returned. But now…It’s too late. It’s far too late…”

  • (About Queen Ismaire) “You were the wife of my king, to whom I'd sworn life and loyalty. I told myself a grand lie that day. I told myself I could be happy simply serving you as your most loyal knight.”

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Role assigned to: hypervoiceacting

This character does not have critical lines, but will appear in the boss dialogue exchange with L’Arachel.

Once a revered priest of Rausten, he was cast out by Pontifex Mansel (L'Arachel's uncle) for heresy and worshiping the Demon King, Fomortiis. The fallen heretic priest would then become one of the strongest warriors in Grado, where he was appointed the role of General, nicknamed the "Blood Beryl" because of his control of monsters.

In this boss exchange, Riev faces the niece of Pontifex Mansel, who excommunicated him for worshipping the Demon King.

Voice: Any | Malicious, creepy, manipulative

Rausten = "raw-sten"
Mansel = "man-sell" 

  • (vs. L’Arachel) “Heh heh heh. The young lady of Rausten… The more cruel and gruesome your death, the more that cur Mansel would weep, am I right? And that would make me so very, very happy.”

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Role assigned to: Copperheadcase

Just like how we had Denning do our outro in the FE7 Cipher Crits vid, we will have Gheb, the savior of FE8, voice the outro for the Sacred Stones video. 

Gheb is the pinnacle of beauty. He is elegant and strong, brave and wise. His role requires a voice as smooth as a sea urchin with a flair for the dramatics. Besides being the unsung hero of Sacred Stones, he is also our channel mascot. We are open to any and all interpretations, this is where you can truly show off your acting capabilities.

Game footage: Gheb

  • "E-enough! Brother… you are starting to anger me!"

  • "Disgusting!"

    "If I were not a holy woman, I would beat you senseless!"

  • "Can you tell me how I'll know... if I'm in love?"


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