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Hello friends! My name is Molly Zhang and I'm a voice actress from Texas with a love for Fire Emblem, FFXIV and otome games!

I started voiceacting late 2017 when I came across a FE fandub on Reddit and have since been fortunate enough to voice in numerous video games, anime, and other fun dub projects. I have a passion for storytelling and I love producing, as well as being involved in all kinds of content!

  • @voxridian

    Molly is a very dedicated and passionate individual, which translates clearly into her acting and directing. She was the very first actor I worked with as a director, and she was a pleasure to work with as well, bringing laughter to a very good recording session, which made it such a blast to direct her. She is driven to getting the job done just right, and will seldom settle for less, always bringing forth quality results. As a director herself, she is kind and dedicated, taking a lot of time and effort to make sure information is easily provided so actors know what to do, and readily communicating any concerns or updates. As myself having been her director and being her actor as well, I can safely say Molly is a very responsible and worthy actor and director to work with.

  • @pikacheeks

    Fishy Fried is an excellent voice actress! I was surprised that she was a new voice actor because her mic quality, voice acting and communication are better than most VAs I've encountered who have even voice worked for longer. She shows great work ethic and enthusiasm for my project. Simple put - She's a gift to any project.

  • @jaxartchannel

    Working with Fishy has been a blast, she is kind and eager to work with you. She has an excellent voice range and knows how to deliver each line with minimal assistance. Together with her equipment and her acting talents, she sounds like a professional voice actress. Considering that she started on CCC last year, work with her now, like right now because she will not be a self-proclaimed amateur for long.

  • @stardust-dev

    Molly has very quickly become one of my favorite voices to include among my work. I found her through her work in MasakoX's Dragon Ball R&R and already she's been my go-to for most female voices. Quick turn over, excellent audio quality and a very natural acting style, I've not once had any dissatisfaction with her lines. Her range is also very dynamic, going from shy young girls to deeper pitched combat commanders. She's communicative and consistent with responses and redos. Should she have a question, she will ask and in return perfection will be delivered. I also find reliability to be a very crucial quality to value when hiring VAs and she's met every deadline well in advance, usually within the first three days of sending her the script. I can't express how much I appreciate that: no excuses, only flawless audio. Also just a very kind, friendly and exceptionally likable person to be around. Beyond all of that, she shows a genuine interest in your work which is also apparent through her work ethic. I've seen some of the content she produces herself on her own channel and now I find myself becoming an avid admirer of that as well. An immensely talented voice actress -- considering how recently she's started doing voiceover work, I proudly predict her going very far in the future. Thank you for your work, Molly!

  • @pixie_dev

    Working with FishyFried was a great experience! She voiced one of the characters in my project and was able to deliver high quality voice lines very quickly! I was very impressed with the work she did and I'd be happy to work with her again in the future. I would definitely recommend her!