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About Destiny Ninja 2(Fandub)

Ceragon Dubs (channel link can be found here) is a fandubbing group. We are currently doing Otome Games, however we are looking to expand and to comic dubs as well. If you would like to vote on which comics we will fandub, please vote here! It would be greatly appreciated if you helped us out!

(If you're confused as to what we are doing, the video above is an example!)

Destiny Ninja 2's Plot:

The story takes place on Yamato Island approximately sixty years after the events of Destiny Ninja. You are a talented ninja, gifted with the ability to wield a powerful and mystical sword, known as The Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven. Your coming-of-age day is near and the sacred symbols of the four villages composing Yamato Island are becoming corrupted. Your duty, as the daughter of the House of your influential ancestor, is to purify the symbols of the villages and complete your mission by sunrise on your coming-of-age day. Failure to do so will cause a tremendous disaster that destroys the world. 

You must now travel across the island to purify the polluted symbols with one of eight ninjas, each from differing villages and the descendants of legendary ninjas who nurtured emotional bonds with your ancestor. Thus your journey to save the island from disaster begins...

Please keep in mind the "*say something you fit*" lines are indeed improv, and are required. Here, you can show off what you can do. However, you will not be casted based off of that one line. You will be casted based on how well your performance is, and how well your voice fits the character.

1. Before auditioning you must keep in mind this is a LONG TERM project. It could take months, or even YEARS to complete. So please, audition at your own risk(You WILL NOT be paid for this) Even if the project gets cancelled, you may STILL be part of Ceragon Dubs. In Ceragon Dubs, we hope to give our Voice Cast as much voice work as possible. If we need replacements or extra voices, the Voice Actors and Actresses in Ceragon Dubs will get first dibs. If you are going for a larger role, you will need more free-time.
2. You will NEED a discord account. This is where our project will be taking place.
3. You must be willing to give your email IF we ask for it!
4. Please show emotions when auditioning, we don't want any robotic auditions
5. IF possible, please try to have minimal background sound!
6. We are attempting to do a dub of ALL available routes, so if you can audition for more than one character it'd be very appreciated!
7. The improv lines are required! So please do them!
8. Being part of this project means you have to be on top of your work. You may have your extensions, that is absolutely fine. However we will not always be there to remind you to turn in your work. As much as we'd like to, we have very busy lives outside of Ceragon Dubs. So please, try to stay on top of your work. If you miss a deadline, you get a strike. Of course, if you talk to us ahead of time and asked for an extension, that is completely fine and different.

9. There are actually some scenes many would find disturbing/uncomfortable. (Sexual scenes) If you will not be comfortable, please DO NOT audition

**Please continue at your own risk. There WILL be spoilers. Although all characters are Japanese, i've decided they shouldn't have an accent. 

Here is our fan discord server! 

 We are in need of editors + artists, so if you are interested here is an application form! 

(Voices will be decided together by the directors and staff) 

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold