Aspiring actor, writer, and musician. Lots of aspirations. Perhaps too many...

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Hi there! My name's Alex, and I suppose this is my profile. I've been kicking around the site for a while and have worked on a couple of projects, but I'd say I'm perpetually learning the ropes. If you're here, you're probably considering me for a project, so I mean, I hope I get it? Any other inquiries, please just message me - I'll try to be prompt at responding.


I don't charge, but if you're paying I won't say no!

What ItsKocot is looking for

In a word, anything. In two words: not gachas.

  • @kainoncarthyst

    Alex/ItsKocot was brought on my project to play extra characters due to me not wanting to let his unique voice go to waste. He has voiced two characters since then I feel guilty (or maybe it's regret) that I haven't given him more work. The two people he has voiced have been far different characters from each other and you'd never guess that he was the one voicing both of them.