Hello everyone, please call me Dawn ^-^ She/her

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About sparkly6262

If you are contacting me for possible project work, please message me on CCC first and send me your discord so that I can be aware ahead of time that you will be sending a friend request. I will no longer be accepting random friend requests on discord due to spam trolls, etc. If you wish to contact me because you have questions relating to my projects/casting call or just want tips on directing stuff in general, please reach out on CCC thank you! :)

Hello everyone! My name is Dawn (she/her) and I am the head director of Ceragon Dubs! Please do not call me sparkly unless we are close friends, please and thank you. Ceragon dubs is pretty much a production that focuses on bringing otome games and comics to life via voice acting. At the moment, the dubs the production and I are covering are otome games from the company NTT Solmare. I also have plans to introduce new (but short) projects. 

If anyone is ever interested in applying for the team, there are many behind-the-scenes positions available such as mods, artist team, editing team, casting team, etc. You may apply here:

If you're a fan of Wizardess Heart and want us to have the dub of your favorite boy out sooner rather than later, consider voting here!  season 6-11 boys are in a hidden section. This section appears depending on your answer for the question regarding season 6 onward routes).

If you are looking for a voice acting position, then everything is audition only. To audition, you may look at any of my open casting calls an submit an audition!

2023 - present voice acting 

Lovesick - Vickey 

Wizardess Heart Fandub: Joel Route - June

My Tiny Human - Jennifer Hudson

2023 - present casted (in progress/in production)

The Roses of Nemesis - Stella Caelum

A Long Distance Love - Hannah

What sparkly6262 is looking for

I'm trying to get back into voice acting, so I'm mostly interested in anything! Just because I say I am interested in anything, does not mean I will 100% say yes or take whatever is thrown at me. Feel free to reach out, but I have the right to say no to auditioning for your project (s), especially if no information is given about the plot, requirements, workload, etc. I will NOT do NSFW content. 

I will take most unpaid voice work, but I will not take unpaid editing or writing work!

If you are contacting me for possible project work, please message me on CCC first and send me your discord so that I can be aware ahead of time that you will be sending a friend request. I will no longer be accepting random friend requests on discord.

  • @chaos_krystal

    sparkly is one of the most talented voice actresses i ever had the privilege of working with, she gives her lines all shes got and brings out a characters feelings to a level of a pro, this girl has amazed me from when i casted her to today and she has yet to disappoint, if you want someone who will not just get the job done but get it done quickly this one is a must cast <3

  • @deleted75451

    I really appreciate Sparky as a friend and a fellow co-worker. She is very helpful and fun to be around. Not only is she a very great leader and helping hand, she has an amazing voice. She truly has a talent, so don't surpass it! If you think otherwise or try to tease her laugh- fite me.
    I really recommend Sparky.

  • @sssmjsjr

    Sparkly is one of the most hardworking voice actor, director, script writer, and editor I have ever met. Her dedication to her projects, such as Ceragon Dubs, is phenomenal and impressive. She also places that same level of dedication to other projects, she is honestly a well rounded worker at heart. She is very determined to get the job done and places her 100% in everything she is assigned to do.

  • @iceproductions_wonder

    Sparky is a truly amazing voice actress. She has previously done some voice acting for me, and I for her. She is incredibly easy to work with and is always open to redo lines. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone.

  • @deleted68967

    Sparkly is one of the most talented and supportive directors and voice actresses I've ever met. She is a very dependable person, who takes her projects and roles into immense consideration. She works extremely hard, and I swear I never see her complaining. She is incredibly dedicated, and I highly recommend that you cast her. She honestly deserves any role she gets. Heck, it's amazing that I even got the chance to work for her! I love every second that we spend working with each other. I'm 100% sure you won't regret working with her, either.

  • @ooperlini

    For awhile, Sparkly6262 worked under me/for me. Even though she didn't stay until the project ended (as it is still going on), she was one of my most valuable members, and I really do still treasure the work that she has done for me. Sparkly is someone that you should defiantly consider casting for voice work or anything else


  • @speeddemon1939

    Fantastic voice actor, very talented and gets lines done on time, looking forward to working with her more in the future

  • @darkangelyt

    Sparkly6262 has made outstanding previous work from me. Although I have stopped making roleplays (the work i did) I will say she is one of the best/committed voice actors I've received work from. She barely had to re-do any lines, and gave me lines late maybe twice, only because of a understandable excuse. She has voiced Anna in my unfinished roleplay Wait For Me. I definitely recommend her.

  • @zaydin47

    Sparkly6262 has been an honor to work with. She was a game recorder, one of my script writers, my advisor as well as my director and voice actor. Despite all of the production she runs, she still finds the time to turn in quality recorded lines as well as record video and write scripts for my production consistently these past 2 years. It's been an honor to work with her and hope to see more from her in the future.

  • @ncmcmanus

    Sparkly6272 is an absolute dream to work for! Extremely passionate about their Projects, very kind, professional, and always generous with their time! Goes above and beyond to communicate and help, and give helpful tips and direction! I am so truly honored and grateful to have met Sparkly6262, and I heavily pray that we will work together very soon!  It would be an absolute paradise, and a dream come true!

  • @wendyw

    What an awesome experience it's been to have Sparkly as a director! For about 4 years, I've had the privilege of working with Sparkly, a wonderfully friendly, kind and approachable person. Sparkly always gives out clear, detailed and well-thought out instructions, but is also incredibly considerate and fair-minded when it comes to deadlines. They are understanding of life circumstances and open to reasonable requested extensions. I've felt Sparkly's consideration for all kinds of people with different levels of comfort from the very start. Sparkly is also very reliable with a high level of commitment for their projects. It's been so satisfying to work with Sparkly since I know the hard work I put into voicing a project will definitely translate to a finished project of top quality. My experience with Sparkly has led me to other opportunities on other projects with this amazing director, which I think is so exciting. Working with Sparkly has been such a positive and uplifting experience. If you get the chance to work with Sparkly, I'd highly recommend Sparkly as a director!

  • @lea-s-VA

    This is a good person

  • @tarotva

    Sparkly is a fabulous director. Her communication is amazing, everything is super organized, and I love how clear all of her instructions are! Deadlines are always super reasonable and the workload is very manageable! I would 100% recommend anyone to work with her if you get the chance!! 

  • @kttan

    Sparkly/Dawn has been an amazing producer/head director who I am an assistant and also as a writer for. She gives out easy and clear instructions on what to do, and will help out whenever I do not understand/need to clarify something. She has been really understanding and will do most of the work she can do, just to make sure the assistants aren't overworked and cut them some slack. When she needed help with something we usually don't do, she would be respectful and ask us assistants first if we would like to help out as some of the work takes up a lot of time and effort to do and she doesn't want to force anyone to do it if they don't want to. She always gives us all the info we need to make sure we understand what we will be doing. Sparkly also gives feedback to our stories (the writers) and will give you tips on how to make it better, and doesn't force too to write huge stories that might take up a lot of time. She is also open to a wide range of story ideas. Sparkly is truly a wonder. You won't be disappointed if she is a director/producer part of your team! 

  • @teawithotome

    Dawn has been professional, kind, and very helpful and accommodating to my own schedule during the time we've worked together. She explains things clearly and is very easy to talk to. I highly recommend Dawn for any managerial and directorial positions!

  • @wolven_swiftwind

    It was so wonderful working with Sparky. They have a certainly feeling of professionalism on their project. Expectations where clearly set, and you always knew what you needed to do. They had excellent communication as well. The project I worked on them felt super legit. It was like a full on production. If you want to work with or act for Sparky I HIGHLY recommend it. The quality of their projects would look great on a reel. An amazing person and a amazing Producer.

  • @daniel-hamel

    I've worked with Dawn on a couple of related fandub projects now, and she is extremely easy to work with. She's very enthusiastic about her projects, and happily, she gets the work done! She communicates very well, and frequently. Her notes and directions are constructive and useful, and she makes her expectations clear at every step wrt. deadlines, read requirements, and vocal performance. Very easy to work for (so long as you get your lines in on time!). Hope to see her skills move on to bigger and better projects as she goes.

  • @jaredcunanan101

    I'm currently working with Dawn on a project of mine that is currently in production. This project is very special to me as it is my first and it is based on real life experiences and events that I am somewhat related in. I couldn't find any good voice actors for the main character "Hannah" and I was starting to worry that I won't be able to find one before the deadline. Fortunately, Dawn made my dream a reality in creating a Minecraft roleplay. She is extremely friendly, cooperative and approachable. I mean with what I've seen from my friends projects. Their voice actors do not comply with the submission date for their lines but Dawn on the other hand sends them a day after I send the script. What I really appreciate is that Dawn is communicative. If she can't submit lines because of an emergency or reason, she won't hesitate to tell you. I swear other voice actors will ghost you afterwards or won't give any updates but Dawn is the opposite. If you're in need of an voice actor I recommend Dawn as she is amazing at it!