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    About Danganronpa Fan Game (New World Order)

    EDIT: On suggestion, I will be re-closing this and making a new project for the re-cast. LINK: 

    Project update: Hi everyone! As the previous VAs are too busy to continue with the project, I will be re-opening Nataliya and Pierce's VA roles. Please note that as of Chapter 2, Nataliya is the main character. It therefore goes without saying that she will generally receive more lines than any other character. 

    Please also ensure that you can commit to this project in the long term. 

    In the meantime, please read her character description for more information! 

    Also, note that casting *may* occur from the moment either of these two conditions are met: 

    - There are 10 additional auditions

    - The 15th of September rolls by

    This is not a guarantee that casting will occur upon meeting either of these conditions, and is merely meant to provide an indication of the time you will have to audition. Please let me know via PM if you wish to audition, but feel you cannot do so in the given time frame. My discord is Nopeunintended #8291 for anyone who prefers using it to communicate^^ 

    I will also be taking this opportunity to put up positions for the following roles. *The following positions, and only the following positions, will be paid*, as I understand these assets will be especially time-consuming: 

    - Sprite creation/editing

    - Body Discovery/Execution animation 

    - Climax Reasoning/Closing Argument manga creation 

    - Background/Backdrop Creator 

    - Miscellaneous Art [e.g. depicting certain characters at a certain location within the game] 

    - (Still undetermined) Audio Composer 

    Thank you, everyone^^ 


    Danganronpa: New World Order [aka DanganFanfic v2: New World Order] is a playable fan game/visual novel, featuring a fresh cast of characters, most of whom are based veryveryvery vaguely on real life friends [hence the tongue-in-cheek disclaimer you get in the title sequence]. As of now, the entirety of Chapter 1 has been released and is available to play. However, I wouldn't recommend doing so until the reworks have been finalised and the VA added^^

    The storyline is different to the main series, with the game being set in a talent-driven world, ruled by 16 'Great Families' which each hold exclusive jurisdiction over a separate area. These include such things as education, entertainment, religion, and so on. Amidst the strict regularity of this 'New World Order' [*theme song plays*] came a series of events that shook the system to the core, culminating in a killing game with most of the original Family Heads as the participants. To this date, the mastermind of that incident, and how exactly they managed to orchestrate such a large-scale kidnapping, remains a mystery. 

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, the world quickly shifted to a merits-based system rather than the former hereditary one. 

    It is thus that we're brought to the start of Danganronpa: New World Order, which takes place during the final stages of the Great Talent Program, an initiative designed to scout out candidates to replace the former Family Heads. By this point, the talent pool had been reduced to 50 batches, ranked from most to least compatible and with each batch possessing 16 candidates.  

    The story follows the top batch of candidates, deemed to be most capable of succeeding as the head of their respective Great Family, and the horrifying ordeal they have to endure after they are kidnapped and trapped under a dome with only one means of escape. No points for guessing what it is...

                                                                                                                     Ye Olde Casting Call [archives]: 

    Hello! With my Danganronpa fan game's first class trial recently being completed and released, I'm now hoping to implement voice acting going into Chapter 2 and beyond. My immediate goal would be to have voice acting in just the class trials to minimise the amount of inconvenience caused to any potential VAs. However, I would be open to the idea of daily life/investigation implementation if there is enough interest! 

    As for the project was originally private because I wasn't sure if my fan adaptation had any broad appeal, but I've recently started testing the waters a bit! 

    Link to the game's OP:

    Link to my friend's youtube let's play of the Chapter 1 class trial for anyone interested in seeing what it looked like:

    Our discord channel, if anyone wants to join. I promise that most of us don't bite! 

    Link to the prologue if you feel you can stomach the inside references/jokes:

    General Requirements: 

    We are looking for VAs who can stick with the project until the end (which may drag into the years, if history is anything to go by). 

    Note: Since this is a non-commercial project, it is unlikely that I will be able to pay much if at all. I'll be looking to make a determination on this matter depending on the general response. To maintain fairness, I will pay every VA the same rates if this does end up proceeding as a paid role.

    Extras (Edit): 

    Added in roles for art creation and music composition for anyone who may be interested! I'd honestly be delighted if anyone feels this project is good enough to use to showcase any of their assets!


    In terms of the characters, I have almost no set requirements - if you feel your voice is appropriate for a character, please don't hesitate to audition! You are free to use any lines I may have put here and/or any you come up with yourself! 

    Edit: I've also added basic background information to hopefully explain the characters a bit more. 

    A minor exception exists with 'Hunt', who has been established as having a gruff voice, but with formal (posh?) undertones. 

    I honestly don't know what to expect at this stage, but I will appreciate any interest (if at all) that this ends up receiving!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold