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    We are Disillusion, a fourth-year student game development team from the Netherlands. With 17 interdisciplinary members, we're working on a cosmic horror game with religion as the overarching theme. Therefore, we are looking for high-quality V.O. for our characters.

    Project Description

    The game we're working on is a narrative-driven cosmic horror experience inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, in which the player pursues God through the isolated depths of space. Here, you'll have to prove your loyalty to God by completing his ominous tests. During your journey, you'll be watched and judged by God as He uses his powers to test your true loyalty.

    Key features

    •             A Terrifying Cosmic Horror Tale

    •             Transcend to Space

    •             Outlive God's Tests of Loyalty

    One sentence experience In an endeavor to prove her loyalty, a priestess embarks on a divine journey and follows her God through the dark depths of space.

    *Enemy concept art

    *Pray room environment

    *Statue environment

    Short Characters Description

    •             Alexandra Vega, a priestess (f). Estimated lines: 100

    •             William Vega, a priest (m). Estimated lines: 30

    •             Whispering stars, the deceiving eyes of God (m/f). Estimated lines: 50

    •             Blinded One, a tortured soul (f). Estimated lines: 15

    Character Descriptions

    Alexandra Vega Protagonist Alexandra Vega is a 32-year-old American and Constellist priestess. After attending a religious boarding school for Constellists, she went on to become a priestess; devoting her life to the worship of the stars. The Constellation is a fictional religion of which its followers pray to the stars, believing them to be the judging eyes of God.

    We're looking for someone (f) to express her conflicted desire to be with and prove her loyalty to God.

    William Vega William Vega was a 26-year-old American, Constellist priest and creative in his spare time. He grew up in an influential family of wealthy merchants. He met and fell in love with Alexandra during his time at a Constellist seminary. At the time of the story, he is deceased. However, he will be very much alive in Alexandra's memories.

    We're looking for someone (m) who can express William's passion for his faith and his love for Alexandra.

    Stars - environmental voices

    The Stars will whisper to the protagonist, subtly guiding her through the Path of The Stars. We're looking for someone (m/f) to provide us with these whispers.

    The blinded Ones - Enemy

    The Blinded Ones are lost souls trapped in an endless void of torturous suffering. We're looking for someone (f) to breath life into their misery.

    What do we need from you?

    •             Talent. We need high-quality V.O. performed by skilled actors.

    •             Flexibility. You may have to redo or add some lines according to project needs,   and provide us with V.O. for the trailer.

    •             Hardware. You'll have to work off-site and use your own recording hardware to provide us with high-standard audio files.

    What do you get in return?

    •             a portfolio piece

    •             payment

    •             credits in the game


    As we are a student project, we don't have a lot to spend. Our entire budget comes down to 280 dollars for all characters.


    Because our project has a very tight schedule, we also have a very tight deadline because otherwise, it won't be possible to implement everything in the game on time.

    Start recording: 5 December 2018

    Recording complete: 14 December 2018

    Iteration complete: 21 December 2018

    A break during the holidays

    Additional voice lines deadline: 14 January


    We will only consider your application if you enclose your portfolio.




    With this game, we intend to send a critical statement regarding religion out into the world. This is not an evangelist work. Please take this into consideration when applying.

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