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About Carter23

I'm a 24 year old with a few years of audio experience under my belt.

Born and raised in the Colorado area. People in highschool always told me "You've got a face for voice acting." and with that I was on my way :)

Discord: Carter23#6675

  • @aaronisak

    Very nice job and nice to work with!

  • @dazwizzle

    Carter auditioned for my project early this year. I was able to cast him for a short role and a lead for my next project. He is very responsive and shows enthusiasm towards the projects. Highly Recommended if you want someone reliable.

  • @esdeecarlson

    carter23 and I have worked together on several voice acting projects. He is always extremely prompt with his lines and is accommodating of requests for additions or changes to his recordings. He is very responsive to messages about the project and is also easygoing and fun to work with. I'm always excited to be cast in the same project as him.

  • @fizzleclaw

    I'm definitely holding his sister for ransom.

  • @spencer-eldridge

    Carter had auditioned for my five episode series where things changed a lot though he was very accepting of it and was very open to new ideas. He works fast and is an eager worker at that.
    His voice work is also astonishing how he can pretty much fall into any tone easily. I am happy to have him as the lead and on for the series. I recommend him to anyone who wants a very stable voice actor.
    I hope to have him along with me on future projects, and I am sure you will too.

  • @littlexowlxstudios

    Carter worked very hard in voice acting Amarauq for my animated series. Despite having to act younger than what he first auditioned for, this amazing guy managed to pull it off, send amazing lines on time and brought the character to life.

    I can't recommend this lovely actor enough!

  • @poppletron

    Carter23 is a great person who is fun to work with and delivers some amazing work. Would highly recommend.

  • @deleted158145

    I had the honor of having Carter as a voice actor. He was one of the first auditions that I received and I immediately cast him.
    In the work setting, he is extremely professional and hardworking. If I ask something of him, he works to get it done as soon as possible. He also provides excellent advice on auditions and story line aspects.
    Even though he may come across as serious, he adds fun and laughter to the team. He gives sarcasm and jokes, but is able to immediately sober up if needed.
    We haven't finished the project yet, haven't really started, but I am looking forward to the days to come with him on the team.