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If you're looking for a villain laughing at the thought of her evil plans coming to fruition, a warrior defending her loved ones, or any kind of strong-willed, power-hungry character, my medium to low voice is at your service!

I am also a singer: I have been singing in metal bands for many years and enjoy doing covers of anything really!

I really enjoy voicing misfits and freaks, monsters, supernatural beings, villains or any role with strong emotions involved!

  • @iamunknown

    I was incredibly surprised to learn that Fatalator had not done voice-acting before, and that my project was the first to which she'd been cast; even while listening to her audition, I was stunned at how unique and enticing her voice sounded. Her official lines were even better. She went above and beyond, sprinkling in helpful improv and delving fully into the character. I can not recommend her enough to creators in need of a VA.

  • @sherib143

    Fataloror had a bit of a difficult role. As the casting director, and author of the audio book, there was a specific sound I needed in particular and she brought that sound with ease! She was great in communicating with me, she delivered clear lines promptly, her acting was PHENOMENAL, and I would be honored to work with her again in the future! Great job girl!!!

  • @ynstbih

    Fataloror was simply wonderful to work with. From the range of voices she calls upon with seemingly no effort on her part, to the speed in which she flawlessly completes the roles, and her wonderful attitude, I can not recommend her enough for any and all roles.

    If you were to cast her you will not be disappointed.

  • @glenn-bulthuis

    I've had the opportunity to work with Fataloror on two different on-going projects: The highly popular Fallout 4 mod "Sim Settlements: Conqueror" and the still in-development videogame "Swat Katz Recharged." She has a gorgeous french accent and brings an impeccable delivery to every role I've heard her in.

    I'm a huge fan of this young lady I wish her nothing but the greatest success in her future voice acting pursuits!

  • @khobis


    Having already worked indirectly with Aurore on a few projects, I was aware of her experience and expertise in voiceover administration, as well as voiceover itself.

    Once my project was ready to summon the call for voice actors - I was already prepared to offer Aurore an unconditional role as a character in our game.

    With acting ability, an authentic French accent (herself being a native), and audio quality at professional standard - it was an easy and convenient decision to make.

    I had shown our lead writer her voice reels and pitched him an idea. He was then super excited to write her character in, originally thinking he'd pass writing this character as it was likely difficult to find someone who would be a close and accurate match for this specific role. Thankfully I knew Aurore!

    Wonderful to work with. Prompt, polite, professional and creative,

    Aurore Gautheur as Ms Nanny:

  • @pontiacsilver

    Such a lovely young lady. She brings an impressive voice, delivery, and audio quality to any project and she’s fun to work with. I highly recommend her for anyone’s project.