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    About The Crawl (Halo 5 Machinima) -|Original Sci Fi Fantasy|-


    This project is in it's early stages, that's including the script. So before auditioning, please be aware that there is a possibility that this project may never be finished.  And if it does get finished, it probably won't be for a while. The audition page is also subject to page as I make adjustments and improvements.

    EDIT: To draw more attention, this is now a paid project. The script for this show will not be sent out until I am sure the show will see the light of day. Payment will be received upon completion of the character's lines in the script if you are casted. Via paypal.

    A trailer will be released shortly.


    DO NOT ADD EFFECTS TO YOUR LINES. I take every decent audition into editing to see what they sound like with the effects I will be applying. I can't do that if you add your own effects. I will disregard ANY audition if it has post processing effects.



    Soldur is an original universe set in the far future created using the Halo 5 engine and CGI.

    Humanity and an alien race known as Varkon are in a stable truce that has lasted for nearly 400 years. The Alliance governs the galaxy, maintaining a stable balance between order and freedom and for the most part it has achieved peace. With the exception of the now ended conflict between The Alliance and a rogue faction known as the RCS, who didn't believe in having one overarching power to lead the galaxy.

    The scars of this war are still tender. The truce is fragile. An elusive terrorist has these scars ready to tear back open and the whole galaxy is now on the brink of war and rebellion.

    Soldur is part anthology and part series. The Crawl serves as a Pilot, and an introduction to the universe.



    The Crawl
    It’s chaos for a group of Alliance Rangers when they are tasked with recovering a missing shipment of supplies in the harsh deserts of Loken, an independent colony world that thrives on crime and corruption.

    They call these deserts The Crawl. Stretching for hundreds of miles around the perimeter of the Oasis, an atmospheric generator that lies at the center of the colony.

    The Crawl is a brutal and unforgiving place where everything but the air is a threat. A strong will and a stern fist is required for survival, and for these Rangers, their own survival is just the beginning of their problems when they stumble upon new information, discovering just how dire the stakes are.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold