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About CasualSlenderman

A 17 year old theater actor and director, attempting to make a career at his average at best voice. I also have some fairly basic editing experience, not much. I have experience with writing, directing, and producing. If you want, take a look at some of my auditions, or message me about a role. I'll get back to you ASAP. Thank you, and have a good day!

Demos & Samples

The Cuckoo Clock by George Orwell

A monologue I've used for play auditions in the past, a personal favorite of mine.

2018 Demo Reel

A few voices I can do, mostly improvised, including one section from a play I've been in.

  • @poppletron

    A great voice actor as well as an amazing director for his own projects. They are reliable to get work done and still make time for a little fun when the situation calls for it.