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Poison Apple Tales's Previously Completed Works

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About Want Publicity? Voice Actors Wanted for Beauty and the War...

Hello, again!

You may recall I was last here about a 48-hour game jam. My game, Don't Take This Risk, has since then been covered by TheRPGMinx, Markiplier, and many other Youtubers. It was even mentioned in an article on the HorrorTalk website.

On the heels of that popularity, Poison Apple Tales is establishing a name for itself and we're growing. We've been adding to our list of games, and our next project is the one in the subject line you just clicked on: Beauty and the War (X Playing Pieces). It's part fantasy simulation, part visual novel. This is the demo beta for it.

The game will have two versions - a free regular version and an extended version. The extended version will be our first commercial venture, which will give us a budget to work with for our next project. For now, this position is unpaid.

This is what's in it for you:

 Publicity & Exposure. Aside from our players, our marketing team will send the game to reviewers, journalists, and Youtubers. We also plan to campaign for Steam.

 Experience. I'm sure you know the drill. Add this to your resume and use it as a springboard to jump-start or advance your career. 

 Fun Team. You'll mostly  be talking to the director, but everyone on the team's big on open communication and flexibility. We're passionate, driven to succeed, and we want you.

Future Prospects. If we're in business, you're in business. If we work well together, I don't see why we wouldn't remember you and consider you for our next paid project. So, there's that possibility to keep in mind.

Here's a little more about Beauty and the War (X Playing Pieces):

Rated 16+. There will be suggestive dialogue, intense situations, mild violence, and serious themes. There's a war involved, so you can be sure that things won't always be pretty. The romance can also get a little steamy, but it's nothing that will warrant an R rating.

5 Acts/Chapters. The game branches out and evolves depending on the player's choices. This is an epic fantasy with lots of variation, so make sure you have the drive and the passion to be a part of this amazing tale.

Fantasy Lore. If you're into Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones, this should appeal to the fantasy reader in you. But you'll also know this means that some of these creatures of legends and fairytales will have unique names. We'll tell you how to pronounce the hard and seemingly easy ones, so please be open to direction.

• Fully Animated. Every cutscene is set to be animated. If you've ever wanted the opportunity to voice a character in an animation, this is your chance.

You might notice that I've partially hidden the characters' faces below. That's because I don't want their appearance to influence you. Don't give us a cartoon voice, that stilted voice of an animated character - talk like a real person.

You're an actor. Act with the genuine feeling and authenticity that I know you're capable of achieving.

If you have any questions or concerns, just send us a message here or e-mail us at:


Due to the amount of messages we receive and all the work we have cut out for us, please be patient. You can typically expect a response from us within a a week. If it's any longer, then your message may have wound up lost in the crowd. (In which case, feel free to give us a polite nudge.)

Long story short, we plan to take the world by storm. Who's ready to join us?

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold