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About RufusJuice

The Man, The Myth, The Juice?

Hi, my name is Robert O'Neill but you can call me Rufus, or RufusJuice, or maybe even just Juice, it's up to you though.

If you're reading this then you can probably guess I'm a voice actor. Having performed professional, fringe and amature theater with 10 years of experience and studying drama and acting throughout my education, acting has become the single thing I aim to do as a full time profession, voice acting in particular, having held a special place in my heart for many years.

Through my experience. training and education, my voice has become a versatile tool, allowing me to change it in many ways and more my voice to suite your projects needs, such as: 

. Performing different accents

. Controlling tone and pitch

. Emoting in naturalistic ways

I'm hard working and will always see a project through to the end. So if you have a project and think my voice would fit quite nicely into it, please do send me a message. 

  • @hfrtiv

    Terrific, versatile voice actor.

  • @DavidJohnBores

    Rufus is an incredible talent, putting a ton of passion into his craft! I would highly recommend him for his peerless acting skill and the fantastic standard of his work!