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About nomad818

Me? Oh well, I'm Patrick. Patrick Deegan.


Back to it - I do voices. Impressions, Voice overs, Voice acting, Improv - you name it, I do it. I'll even do you... AN IMPRESSION OF YOU... Jesus...

Anyway, where was I... Oh yeah, I love to do Voices. I love finding new voices to try and I usually always nail them. BUT that doesn't mean I can do everything though I'd certainly love to think otherwise - gotta leave some work for the other VA's, am I right? 

If you need something recorded, and recorded professionally then I am definitely your man. Hope to here from you soon!

  • @trollfacetheman

    I have done work for them, and worked with them. Very professional to voice for and very professional voice acting done by them. Overall a great individual to know and work with.