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  • @deleted129315

    It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Illuminasium. Illuminasium and I worked together on the Koi to Uso project, where I was her supervisor.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Illuminasium and came to know her as a truly valuable asset to any team. She is dependable and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that, she is a magnificent artist who is able to act with confidence.

    Along with her undeniable talent, Illuminasium has always been a joy to talk to. She is a true team player and always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of other employees.

    Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Illuminasium to join your project. As a dedicated and knowledgeable actor and an all-around great person.

  • @sherib143

    Working with Illuminasium was an absolute DREAM!!! She was so friendly and fun, she brought such a great spirit to the project. She delivered her lines promptly and they were neatly organized as well which I love as the director of a big project. She literally sent lines back the same day she received the script. The talent and positive light she brought to the project was more than I could ever ask for, I will definitely work with her again!

  • @saitogami1

    Illuminasium is a fantastic person to work with and will do whatever she can to help you grow as a voice actress/actor. When I first started recording my voice, I abhored how I sounded and was unsure if i could really do this line of work. When I auditioned for a CC from Illuminasium, she was able to help me believe that I could do this. She has become not only an amazing person to work with, but most importantly she has become a good friend - who everyone should get to know. Besides being a great motivator though, Illumniasium is truly dedicated to her art of voice acting, project creating, and drawing illustrations. She will work diligently for her clients and try to do the best she can with the resources she has. Overall, Illuminasium is a fantastic individual to work with, learn from, and in the long run, get to know because her kindness will make your day. Honestly, if there were more people like her, this world would be a better place.

  • @evangeline

    illuminasium is one of the most amazing people I have ever worked with. She is the sweetest, kindest, and the most hard-working people I have ever come across! I have worked with her in multiple projects which include voice-acting and singing, and she always puts in her best efforts! She always hands in her lines way before the deadline and she makes sure to give the best quality and emotion possible.
    She also has an AMAZING talent for accents! You will not regret having her cast in your project! <3

  • @radio-squidworks

    I recommend illuminasium for your project!
    She played Mabel in my Gravity Falls audio drama project and it absolutely WOULD NOT have been as good without her talent.
    She conveys emotions well in her lines has great audio and clearly takes her work very seriously.

    I hope I get the chance to work with her again.
    Thanks again for all you efforts!

    -Jimi S.
    (Radio Squidworks)

  • @laurens

    Working with illuminasium is a blast! She's really friendly and has a way to make you feel like you've been lifelong friends all along! The voice acting provided is wonderful, she does a wide range of amazing voices, which is why I have already recruited her for my next project.

    The lines were delivered fast and she understood the story, which made the line delivery just what I needed.

    If you hire illuminasium for your project, you not only get great voice acting, but might just make a friend along the way :).

  • @dgw

    A very good person to work with and is also very helpful

  • @noface

    she is an amazing voice actress, turns in lines very quick!

  • @jeremyva

    illuminasium is playing Nancy Law in my audio series, Mr. Law. She brings the youth and emotion to the character. She also provided the art for the series. She is very active and responds in a timely manner. From Time to Rise Films, we recommend illuminasium for your projects, either for voice acting or art.

  • @zk0x

    Very respectful and honest actress. Super flexible and friendly..No problem to redo even if you mess things up. I'm super grateful that she's very easy to work with. Highly recommended if you wish to have a reliable and trustworthy voice over!

  • @chazy1603

    Meeting Illuminasium has probably been the very big head start I got when entering the VA scene, I hadn't worked on any large projects and merely did extra lines for others in smaller projects that went no where.

    Illu, messaged me out of the blue after seeing some of my previous works and asked me to join their project. I happily accepted and this is where my VA career really went down the path of enjoyment

    Illu is a jack of all trades, able to mix, sing, Va and draw to professional levels despite most being hobbies (I think). Shes shown nothing but kindness not just to me but, to all those around her and every member in Totally Professional Voiceovers. She conveys every line with emotion and really convinces you that she is the character she is voicing. She manages to make the dubs a perfect balance of professionalism and joking around. Shes a terrific workmate and a great friend. To anyone looking for an extra level of professionalism whether that be to mixing, artistic abilities, singing or voice acting I highly recommend her to you.

    -Chaz1603/Totally pro Mafia Godfather
    (Totally professional voiceovers)

    Plus her cats are pretty cute.

  • @ryan-pratt

    I had the great luck of joining Illuminasium and her team of voice actors through the recommendation of a mutual friend, and I have to say, it was one of the most amazing decisions I could have made. The people are around her are one thing, but Illuminasium herself is wonderful. In addition to being an incredibly talented and hardworking voice actress, she's extremely down to earth and kind. Every day is a blast working amongst her, and as a director, she's very capable. There have been so many opportunities opened for me thanks to her. Meeting Illuminasium has given me a super competent voice actress to learn from, a fun director to challenge me, and most importantly a great friend for the future. If anyone has the chance to work with her, do yourself that favor!

  • @laurens

    I had the pleasure to work with Iluminasium a second time, on a different project. This role was a complete opposite of the previous she portrayed, but she did just as well of a job as before. Great work on voicing 'Myra'. I highly recommend working with her.

  • @voicecast-freeman

    A lovely and pleasant girl with a unique, distinct younger voice that will definitely catch your attention. Her dedication as a recurring character is a sign of her true character - and the same applies to her own projects as well! River is a very creative individual who will be a very welcome addition to your production.

  • @drmabuse

    Illuminasium was wonderful to work with. She turned around her lines very quickly and offered a very quirky and original take on a few background roles. I recommend her!

  • @rainedrops

    Great performance! Her own personal projects are very enjoyable as well and I'm looking forward to seeing her presence/contributions in the community grow!

  • @deleted89962

    Illuminasium provided an amazing impersonation of DoopieDoOver for my parody animation! She was also highly supportive whenever I showed her WIPs of my work, even though she's probably not into the subject matter.

  • @metamachine

    Illuminasium was and is one of the nicest people you could get in any project of yours, I contacted her for the role of Yuri from DDLC in my rap battle and she only showed acceptance and kindness towards me regarding the role, she recorded *the* day I sent her everything and even when I asked her to rerecord some parts, she was very understanding and did it quickly, was able pull off the right tone/emotion I asked of her, and she brought the project to a quality that it couldn't have reached otherwise without her!