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I write monologues script

  • @tarbel

    A passionate director that provides concise scripts with creative room to grow as a voice actor. zk0x checks in as necessary and gives valid criticisms for your voice work to get the end product as desired and is extremely approachable if you face any complications. For paid scripts, you will receive payment immediately after sending satisfactory work and get notified as soon as the product comes to fruition. Overall, zk0x makes you feel very appreciated as a voice actor and has been an absolute pleasure to work with.

  • @illuminasium

    zk0x is a wonderful director and super talented writer. I was lucky enough to be part of her paid projects. She is super nice and her scripts are amazing. She gives clear instructions on how to perform each line. Highly recommend working with her.

  • @paul7777

    Fantastic Human Being. Wants nothing but the best for everyone. <3