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About MetaStarVA

Hello! I'm MetaStarVA! A 22-year old guy from Florida interested in stepping in the world of voice acting!

I've been doing voice-related work for a little over five years in a number of rap-based projects akin to Epic Rap Battles of History and currently make up most of my resume, but I'm also interested in being in comic dubs, meme edits, full-on abridged series, just about anything!

My biggest strength is my level of dedication to a project and high-level of energy I always give in my performances, I excel at lively characters from loud mouths, happy and excitable characters, even the scariest of monsters and demons, so hit me up if you're looking for anything in those ballparks!

I suffer from Rhotacism, (the speech impediment Elmer Fudd has,) and have been looked down on it in the past by strangers and peers alike, but I've stay determined that voice work is my passion and what I want to work towards despite that! Everyone loves a good underdog story, right?

Reach out if you wanna talk or collab! My Discord is metastarva and I hope to make many great friends on the path my voice work takes me! Have a good day and shine bright! :D


Free! I'm very new in the world of voice work and will tackle any project at any price or lack thereof!

What MetaStarVA is looking for

Any chance to shine and get my name out there really! The only thing I don't want is any project where I myself do any swearing in them, as I'm personally not comfortable doing so on my own accord due to still living with my parents who aren't keen on that kind of thing.

  • @kylerhysmarsh

    Very professional individual and a stickler for quality and perfection. This kid is going places. It was a joy working with them!

  • @king-mewtwo

    Really passionate and an aspiring VA, and so so fun to talk to. I see a bright future for him!