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Just another voice on this site :'D Will occasionally recruit on behalf of others' projects~ 

(Icon art by D0UGHY, chibi persona art by ForgottenWinds, logo done by a friend)

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  • @queenofwolftria

    Raine was a very good voice actor to work with! I casted her for a minor role in one of my series "Nightmare Shadows", and she was able to turn in her lines on time and was able to help me come up with names for certain characters. I would love to have her in future projects.

  • @liviano

    Raine is a kind person. She's involved in the project, giving her lines on time. You can also speak with her (even if it's not related to the project ). So that's cool. She can give interesting ideas ( In my case, it's an idea about the backstory of her character, or other ).
    For now, her role is not done in my project, but I don't regret my choice.
    And my project is a long one ( 1 year and +) so she will not leave you

  • @zeked

    She's a real one. Helping me organize the revival of my channel.

  • @leofire

    Her voice suited the narrator role for one of my projects. She also helped me find other VA's in my projects aswell.

  • @the-sloth

    Does a very nice job with getting lines in on time, and gave me lines for unrelated stuff to my project when I requested such.

    She's used in two of my YouTube videos, and the lines turned out nice.

    Also helps me out a lot with providing roles, and is generally a great person in the community.

  • @nexusarchangel

    She has been helpful with spreading my audition calls and is a pleasant person. Anyone who might consider her won't be disappointed

  • @caverna

    Raine is not just a good VA, but also helps a lot with the project, giving me really good ideas and helping me to find another VAs.