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Current Projects

Black Butler Fanfiction - Sebastian 

Black Butler Does Games - Sebastian
Black Butler Abridged  - Sebastian
Black Butler Fanfiction Reading - Alois' Gucci Quest - Sebastian

Attack On Titan Abridged - Armin and Editor

Death Note Abridged  -L and Editor

Bleach Abridged - Ichigo

JJBA Golden Wind Abridged - Ice Cream Man

  • @illuminasium

    He's the director of a few abridged anime series such as Attack on Titan. He's really nice and supportive. His scripts are hilarious and he also sings well.

  • @juno895

    Such a sweet fellow! I honestly LOVE working with DGW, he is so talented in many ways. He always goes above and beyond and is super funny. He also gave me a super sweet text tone that says: I am simply one hell of a butler. Amazing voice and everything around me.

  • @gravebear

    This fellow is a great person to work with, not only is he a great voice actor he is also a great Director and knows what he wants for his projects. I Suppose You Could Say He Is Simply One Hell Of A Butler.

  • @theshinypebble

    I worked for a while with him and the projects that he's made, honestly from the start he's just got better and better, so I do highly recommend him for his video editing skills and his ability to voice act.

  • @deleted181241

    He acts cools when doing projects and he is very fun to talk to, would recommend

  • @deleted181241

    Funniest guy I have ever worked with ! He meets deadlines and will always ask if everyone is okay. The sort of person you NEED when doing a project