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  • @zachwells

    Jimi had me work on his Futurama Audiodrama project, and I have to say that he absolutely deserves more attention than what he gets. His work is extremely well done, polished and professional. Also, extremely easy to work with. I'd absolutely work with him again.

  • @trueblade1423

    I provided voice work for Raido Squidworks for his Futurama audio drama as Leela and I must say it was the most fun I had recording. He made sure that his project came out clean and professional. He makes sure that himself and his voice actors are comfortable with the final product. He also makes sure that everyone is updated. Radio Squidworks is great to work witn! I highly recommend auditioning for him! I'm looking forward to seeing what else he has in store!


  • @raccoonbro

    Jimi hired me for his Gravity Falls project. Not only was I very happy with how the video turned out, the whole experience working for him felt very relaxing and fun. Jimi is easy to talk to and is very good at about giving notes. Definitely give his projects a chance.

  • @chrisgreenfield

    Super nice guy that puts out some quality projects! He was very professional and easy to work with. I'm definitely looking forward to working with him again! :)

  • @skelephantitis

    'Twas a pleasure to work with Radio Squidworks! Playing Terry in his Futarama audio drama was a ton of fun. Jimi genuinely cares about his projects and the people he works with. I'd definitely work with him again.

  • @eurasianrob

    This fine person is amazing! Due to my own stupidity i haven't been using my microphone correctly for the last 2 weeks after upgrading.

    Squidworks upon hearing my audition not only praised me for my work bu pointed out the issue taking time out to actually look up a solution to my problem.

    This is still at the audition process and i really appreciate how much help was provided even before taking on a role, can recommend on strength of character and kindness alone.