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About Mushrunner

Hi! My name is Mushrunner.

I am an up-and-coming actor who loves to do voice works for nearly anything and everything.

Currently, I voice a variety of Sonic characters, most prominently Dr. Eggman.

If you wish to involve me in any projects of yours, let me know! I'd be happy to check it out.

Thank you!!

  • @cashlinsnow

    Mushrunner is an exceptionally-talented VA. He's voiced in more than one project of mine (as Eggman and others) and I've also provided voicing for him for one of his projects. In addition, he's also Sonic Legacy's Eggman VA; and I must say that his Eggman is very solid! Sometimes I feel like I don't need to direct him, because he's just that good. There's no artificial sense of performance from Mushrunner. His lines flow. He portrays the spectrum of emotions openly, naturally, but also 'cartoony' when needed. Also, he has an excellent sense of humor and a friendly, approachable personality. This is a person that is a credit to any project he's cast in. A unique talent and a joy to continue to work with him!