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Hello all, my name is CaptainCat017 or Cat for short. I'm a Scottish content creator/voice actor/writer.

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  • @jack-simon

    One of the most organized, dedicated, and fun producer and director that I have worked with! Really determined to see a project through, very open and friendly, and has a good eye for quality!

  • @nadiagqiu

    CaptainCat is awesome to work with!
    She was the producer of the Haxor Dub and I had the pleasure of voicing a character in the project.
    She is very well organised and see things through to the end. She is also very flexible and understanding when something comes up and submission of recorded lines are delayed. I would not hesitate to work with her again! This project was one of my favorite to work for 😁

  • @thatonespecificguy

    Great director to work with. Instruction were clear and concise. Although being an extra voice on the project Haxor Dub, I still felt like I was part of the project rather than shunted aside being an extra. CaptainCat was a pleasure to work with and look forward to working on more projects with.