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About JoshWilksVA

Hi! My name is Josh, I am an amateur aspiring voice actor from the UK!

I've always been told I had a knack for storytelling and I've been acting from a very young age in projects ranging from Shakespeare to High School Musical.

Having always been a fan of anime I've always admired a voice actors ability to bring a role to life, and now I hope to be able to do the same!

You can find my self produced demo reel here if you'd like a taste of what my voice is like! Josh Wilks Animation/Video Game Demo Reel - YouTube

I look forward to working on any projects available to me! Shoot me a DM if you wanna chat or offer advice!

  • @blustudios

    Josh is a great voice actor! He voices Espio The Chameleon in my Sonic Fan Series and he does a stellar job at conveying Espio's quiet and zen nature of the character! I recommend him for future projects!

  • @xmlao

    JoshWilks was willing to help me for free with a project that aims to help other voice actors excel in the art of improvisational voice acting.

    He was super easy to work with and was a fabulous actor with a really lovely delivery on the lines that he worked on. He did a really good job to make himself clear and followed the specific directions I gave him.

    He was also incredibly respectful about things I asked from him as well.

    He is truly a wonderful person to work with and I look forwards to seeing him again with future projects and some other things as well,

    If you're looking for someone who can get lines in fast, and has great mic quality, I recommend JoshWilksVA.

    -Kindo (XMLAO.)

  • @explicitcensor

    My god, does this guy bring skills! His voice is like the finest churned butter slathered over a full autumn harvest. If I could show you all a chef kiss to explain the greatness of this actor, I would.

  • @jakeykoop

    Bringing Josh onto Team Diamond was one of the best calls we have made. A humble and genuine guy with dedication, drive and the skill to pull off whatever we ask of him. Always willing to hear critisism and ask questions to bring out the best performance and above it all, just a swell guy. Cast this man!

  • @roseydanes

    Josh brings a refreshing, professional energy to our team. His voice work is passionate and explorative of the characters he plays. Open to new ideas and unique interpretations, he delivers a heartfelt take on Team Diamond's AU Shadow the Hedgehog that I am so pleased with! In addition, he also voices an outstanding version Knuckles the Echidna. You're project will thrive with him in your cast, no doubt!