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About blxssomva

My name is Blossom VA and I'm a voice actor based in the UK who can provide my clients with numerous accents and a versatile range (pitch, ages and voices)! As well as a voice actor, I'm a pianist, video editor and stage actor. Below you can find the projects I have/am working on.


Lyuba, Sigrid | Move 78 - Steam Game - Michael Josephs

Tom | Horror Tale - Mobile Game | Euphoria Horror Games

Rusha | Keeping An Eye Out - Faux Podcast - DoraTrix

Britney, Shayna, Melissa | Frenemies - ROBLOX Series - Jenstine

Tachibana | The Girl I Like Confessed to Me While Handing Me Cash! - Manga Dub - AceTember

Hera, Extras | The Serpent's Son - Minecraft Series - AustinIsALemur

Mother | Bird Boy - Fandub - Chris Was Here

Nia | Miracle On The City Streets - Visual Novel - Sleepy Tavern

Angel | Personal Demon and Angel - Voice Roleplay - ShiroVA

Sucrose | Anemo Test 6308 - Genshin Impact Comic Dub - SylleBlossom

Sucrose | Obvious - Genshin Impact Comic Dub - SylleBlossom

Sucrose | Subzero - Genshin Impact Comic Dub - SylleBlossom

Princess | Faded Memories - Genshin Impact Comic Dub - SylleBlossom

Woman | Ordinary Woman and Beautiful Couple - Genshin Impact Comic Dub - SylleBlossom

Sucrose | The Traveller and The Frog - SylleBlossom

Yoimiya | Chillumi's Future Child - Genshin Impact Comic Dub - SylleBlossom

Sucrose | Artist Problems - Genshin Impact Comic Dub - SylleBlossom

Android 21 | Dragon Ball Comic Dubs - Abridged Goku


Sarah Smith | At The Door - Animatic | Binscurtis

Claudette Morel | Dead By Daylight Ignited - Fan | Brandi VA

Lady Nicole | Dawn of the Siren - Gacha Story | LoreleiVT

Ruby | Mr.Hopp’s Playhousse - Steam Game | Moonbit Games

Girl | The Dark Cosmos - ??? Video | Kiera Rhods VA


I prefer rating to be done per word but I am flexible! 

Rate per word is - $0.25 per word. I do, however, accept a minimum of $0.15 per word for projects that are on a budget! 

What blxssomva is looking for

I'm hoping to have the opportunity to voice in a variety of areas including: games, comic dubs, animations and machinimas + more! Character work is my main speciality but I'd love to try out commercial and audio book work. 

  • @chrisishere

    You were very quick with replies and voice work and nailed the voice perfectly. Thank you for your contribution! :)

  • @jenstine

    Blxssom worked with me on Frenemies and voiced 3 different characters. Yes, 3! I was so amazed at the different voices she was able to do. She always delivered her lines in quickly which I sincerely appreciated. Blxssom was also patient with working with me on re-takes and microphone issues. Aside from voicing characters, Blxssom truly cares about the projects she is involved in and supported me on my first VA project!

  • @sylleblossom

    Exceptional talent. She voiced Sucrose for my Genshin Impact comic dubs and she always slay. I love her voice so much and working with her is a breeze. Her work ethic is also admirable. She is a great person and also very friendly! Don't hesitate to cast her because she gets the job done flawlessly.

  • @acetember

    Blxssom is a phenomenal voice actress with a knack for the voice work she does. She's friendly but professional, and delivers high-quality lines in a timely manner. She was very involved and went out of her way to help out her fellow VA during the project as well. Overall, she's great, and I highly recommend!

  • @doratrix

    Blxssom's audition went immediately on the shortlist for my project, she nailed the tone I wanted.  Super-good about giving multiple takes for safety and options, prompt with recordings and pickups, and her sound was pristine. You will not regret working with her!

  • @binscurtis

    I 100% recommend BlxssomVA if you're in need of a voice actor. She's quick to answer messages, sends in her lines as soon as possible, and has no problem with doing retakes or tweaking. She fit the character I was looking for perfectly, and I'm very glad to have had the opportunity to work with her. She has an enthusiastic personality and is excited to work on your projects. :D

  • @outofstock

    I've known Blxssom for a bit and worked under her for a while, and she has always been an amazing director. Even in fields she had little experience in or in difficult situations, she always perseveres with a positive attitude and a good work ethic. Never once felt left out in the work environment, and felt confident in her project direction even during periods of inactivity. Always very understanding of changing circumstances/availability, etc. Very easy to work with in the sense of clarity in direction - always gets her point across, and does it efficiently.

    Also a super talented voiceover artist. Her range is crazy, and her accents are very diverse. I'd absolutely recommend you work with her at least once for the experience. She's a good friend and a great person to have in the community.