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About Bearpuff4

Hello, Welcome to my profile!
Hey, thank you for taking interest in my voice work! I’m Bearpuff4, or Bear for short. I’m a semi professional voice over artist, with a passion for bringing characters to life!

My range pitch-wise consists of anything from child (approx. 6-10 years,) to young adult (approx. 21 years.) I have a rather wide range, and am able to do mostly higher-pitched voices, but also a variety of more serious/mature characters. I can do accents such as French and English as well.

I’ve always had a passion for anything creative, but I especially love telling stories. Whether it’s through writing songs, books, or something more visually appealing, I want to convey a message that really speaks to people. And what better way then to act out a story myself?

I’ve been writing since I was roughly 11 years old, and video editing since I was 8! However, I’m terrible at pooling my knowledge in these areas, so I mainly use CCC for voice acting.


2$/line 20cents/word

negotiable! Only paid projects please <33

  • @xmoshii

    Bearpuff4 has just been so awesome since the day I casted her! She is super active and very easy to communicate with, her heart is so pure and kind its just so… UWU! Her voice is adorable and she is able to portray any emotion I ask of her. She always ALWAYS gets her lines in on time and I couldn’t ask for anything more. PLEASE CAST HER IF GIVEN THE CHANCE!! <3

  • @_lexva_

    BearPuff is an AMAZING voice actress and director/producer! She works so hard on all her projects!! She's SOO kind and amazing to get along with! She puts so much emotion into her lines! If you get an audition from her.. I HIGHLYYYY recommend to keep an eye on her!! <3

  • @harudori


  • @veeahva

    Alright, let me start off by saying Bear is literally amazing. She is an amazing Voice actor, creator, and especially friend! She has such a great personality and amazing skill. She makes amazing videos, and makes them so well. She is just so talented in every way!

    Tip, If she ever auditions for one of your projects, just cast her straight up. You can thank me later B)

  • @janellerose

    Please go subscribe to her and send her some love 💕! She’s so talented and is an amazing voice actress. Definitely consider her if she auditions for you because this girl will not disappoint!

  • @oveqva

    Bear did an amazing job in her role for my series, and was SPECTACULAR!! I can't stress that enough. It was a difficult voice but she nailed it every time, and was always quick to respond if I had to change up the script in a last minute fix. If you're in need of a voice actor, Bear is amazing and a great fit for the job. Also, man, she can kill difficult lines (in the good way). Her character had some very fast lines, and despite the difficult pitch for her voice, she still provided multiple great takes. CAST. THIS. VA!!!

  • @kazuva

    BearPuff4 is all around an amazing director and VA! Her deadlines are reasonable to work with, and when you need more time, she works out a solution! Not only that, she is a fun person to hang around in general! She's chill I gotta say, however, she memes too much on KazuVA, and that's not very epic. -_- On a serious note, I have fun providing voice work for her! And voice acting with her! If you ever get the chance to be in a project with her, please take it! You won't regret it <3 If you get to VA in a project with her, even better! :)

    Thank you for your consideration,

    KazuVA <3
    (uh-uh-ee-uh-uh 🤠)

  • @shygamergurl

    BearPuff4, in my opinion, is an angel when it comes to voice acting! I've only known her for about a month or two and I can say without a doubt that she is the most outgoing type of person you could ever dream of. Not only does she take every role she auditions for very seriously, but she also puts the necessary emotion into each character, making her audition, in my personal opinion, stand out from the rest. If you are ever needing a very outgoing teenager with a wide variety of voice ranges, then BearPuff4 is the gal for you!

  • @vampirebre

    Bear is such an amazing director and voice actor! I’ve worked with her several times, be it me providing voice work for her or working alongside her as a voice actor. She is dedicated to what she does, and will put her best foot forward! She will provide work that will stun you, as well as stun you with her director skills! If you see her audition for a project of yours, please cast her! She is absolutely amazing! And if you decide to audition for a project of hers, you won’t regret it. She will amaze you, just like she amazes me 💕

  • @deyoku

    A hardworking voice actor with an interesting voice, don't see why would you not want her on your project.

  • @deleted273183

    They're a pretty chill dude. Does great VA work. Makes quality memes.

  • @deleted46956

    Bearpuff4 is pretty cool, been editing a project she's in and she has a pretty good voice. Don't know much about her range but if your looking for cute girl voices then she'll be a great pick for y'all. She has a pretty chill personality, I can get along with her well and she can keep the mood light. So if you're looking for someone with qualities like that for your project! Then she's great!

  • @pixie_dev

    Working with Bear was a great experience! She voiced two characters for my project and was able to capture their personalities perfectly! She was able to deliver the voice lines I needed very quickly and provided multiple takes of each line which was super helpful! I'd be happy to work with her again and I would definitely recommend her!

  • @jungkooa

    Bear is such a great voice actor. I had worked along side her many times and every time has been such a delight! Bear is a pretty great friend as well! She is always down to help me out and I really appreciate it. If she ever auditions for you then I 100% recommend that you cast her! I love you bear~

  • @rixila

    Bear was such a lifesaver with my project! I was nearly unable to find a voice actress to fill in a role, until I luckily found her. She delivered the role absolutely wonderfully, and was such a pleasure to work with. She gave a very strong read of the scripts, and was super sweet whenever we got the chance to chat. If you ever get the chance to work with Bear, I’d highly recommend it! ♡

  • @probably-sea

    Bear is an incredible director and an amazing voice actress! She is so talented and passionate about what she does and truly wonderful to work with! Subscribe to her channel for some amazing content teehee <3

  • @loadingcheesecake

    BearPuff4 is legit the most kindest and amazing voice actor I know! I love her work so much as she has put so much love and hard work into her work. She is so talented as she can voice act and sing! Ahhh she is also so professional! If she auditions for your project, you should definitely cast her!^^ <3

  • @lavendere

    BearPuff4 is AMAZING at what she does! She's incredibly reliable and easy to work with! Her voice has never failed to blow me away and I couldn't recommend her more to any person who's considering hiring her!

  • @cristall

    An absolute queen, she is an amazing friend and voice actor. She works really hard and Is dedicated and honestly A QUEEN. Don't be shy, cast her.

  • @powerfulsl

    Bear did a wonderful job as Mahiru Koizumi from Danganronpa and I can definitely say she can absolutely pull off other voices if needed. She's very talented and if you need someone for a decent range of characters you should definitely give her a chance!