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About KazuVA

Hello! It's a pleasure to meet you! I'm Kazu! Or you could call me Kaz for short. I've been a VA for about a year or so with decent projects in my hands. My strongest area in my VA skills consist of having a calm voice, or a medium range - low range sometimes. I can go high, but to a certain extent. I like to use my voice for either being dramatic or just being that one voice everyone loves. Put it in short words, yes, I can do it.

  • »»————- ♡ ————-««

  • Some things about me:

  • ~ 19 years old

  • ~ Currently in College

  • ~ I like VALORANT

  • ~ Asian :)

  • Things I can't do:

  • I'll do anything but NSFW.

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Okay, that's all thank you for visiting my ccc page! And I'm always happy to be a Voice Actor! <3

 P.S. I love all my VA Friends~ ❤️

  • @_lexva_

    Kazu is VERY passionate about his work. He's SO much fun to work along side. He can be HILARIOUS, but also very serious when needed! He submits his lines SONIC FAST! LIKE, NaNi? But anyways, he is so much fun to be around and VA with. If you get an audition from him, just accept it lol, you won't be disappointed! <3

  • @veeahva

    I was just chillin and this dude named kazu popped up in my pm. We had both auditioned for the same project and neither of us got cast 😂 but that was probably the day I met one of my best friends 😎 Whether it’s for voice acting work or just friends, I 91999393828% recommend him! He’s very fun and an AMAZING voice actor like hoLY cRaP. Cast him for your stuff, you won’t be disappointed. Promise.

  • @golden_fiyah

    Kazu is such a talented VA and deserves to be in so many more projects. It's been such a pleasure to work on productions with him because he's always so involved in the community and loves making new friends. If you cast him for your project he will have no problems getting along with everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) on the team. His ability to create different atmospheres and expressions in his voice is flawless~! His yearning to do better at what he does is so respectable, he'll always ask for criticism to see how he can improve what he's providing. Kazu takes suggestions very well and you won't be disappointed if you cast him in your projects! <3

  • @deleted140615

    My pal Kazu!!! Such an amazingly talented VA, this man can really be any character he's casted for. He knows how to express emotion very well and bring the character to life. I HIGHLY recommend him for any role, he deserves some more recognition than he has. He's so cool to hang with and a phenomenal friend!

    Sincerely, Kaz <3

  • @oveqva

    I've been friends with KazuVA for a while before I started having him VA for some of my projects, and he does an outstanding job in said projects! He handles long lines like a champ, and delivers a great take mere hours after sending a script! I can't recommend this guy enough, he's a great dude to get to know, as well as an amazing Voice Actor.

  • @bearpuff4

    Kazu VA is an awesome VA! He’s efficient when it comes to sending in his work, and he’s super fun to be around offset too! He makes sure to put effort into his lines, and sends them in on time as well! He accepts my feedback and improves with it, and is a great asset to my VA team! If you see an audition from Kazu, go cast him! P.S: He’s also fun to meme on, so be sure to do that.

  • @probably-sea

    Kazu is an amazing voice actor! He is so energetic and expressive with his lines, it's really awesome to be able to see him bring his characters to life! He's super funny and great to work with as well, I would definitely recommend giving him a chance if you see him audition for your project!
    He's also pretty pog at among us so 👀

  • @laurentracy

    Kazu is pogchamp.

  • @deleted296639

    yo, Kazu is one of the most chill yet talented VAs i've come to know in this community
    not only is this man overall an amazing VA, he's super easy to talk to and genuinely funny
    he's overall a great guy and has amazing work ethic, not to mention the quality never fails to impress
    if you're looking for a talented male VA, hit this man up

  • @supermc-adeley

    he is kazoo kid so pog :)

  • @typical-tami

    Kazu, my g B) But in all seriousness Kazu is just a joy to be around. His talents excelled my expectations, he's an amazing VA with a great range and puts emotion into every line he's given! He's super talented and deserves to be featured in so many more projects. Let's just say if he auditions for you CAST HIM you won't regret anything <3

  • @deleted401181

    Kazoo Kid is a brilliant VA, and he's an awesome dude. His personality is bright, and his voice acting is on point. He's very pog; like, reeeally pog. Pog. Pog. POg. POG. POG. POG.

  • @nvstolgia

    KazuVA; I am surprised this VA isn't known more! His voice is beyond amazing, and his work quality is definitely no joke! I've worked on a few projects with this VA, and he does not fail to impress! Personality wise, he's funny, he's bright, and does not fail to lighten up the mood in a server! He is an amazing friend as well as an amazing cast member! Many can agree that KazuVA is, overall, a wonderful person to work with! Do not hesitate to cast him!

  • @mitaso

    Kazu deserves a lot of recognition for his works, he is super talented and offers what the director wants in their projects. Best believe that he will make your projects amazing!

  • @wizgamingxd

    I've worked alongside Kazu in a couple projects now, and I can say that, without a doubt, he is someone who will be an asset to your team. He is extremely friendly and approachable, not to mention incredibly talented. He brings his characters to life with unique voices and excellent emotion, and has a wide range. Definitely don't pass up the opportunity to work with this legend!