Just a college dropout trying their best.

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About ShyGamerBee

【 Hello and welcome! 】
Who am I? ♣
My name is Bee (they/she), but most people know me as ShyGamerBee or even rosybee._.cos on TikTok. I'm 20 y/o (03/25) and I've been voice acting for about 7 years now and I'm still learning and improving as I go along. It's not an easy process, but I'm trying my very best.

Facts about me!  ♠

  • - I own a MacBook Air that sounds like an airplane anytime I open up any type of program or software. Sad but true... (I just need to clear out my storage)

  • - I'm not in college, however, I'm currently teaching myself graphic design as well as learning some important photography skills.

  • - I never learned to play chess and probably never will.

  • -My favorite holiday is Halloween! (oooo spooky~)

  • - I love to cosplay in my free time to practice my makeup skills.

  • - I've dyed, fried, and buzzed my hair off all in the span of a 6 months. New year new me as they say.

  • - Currently thriving in my Hatsune Miku / Vocaloid hyperfixation at the moment.

  • - I record my audio files with an Audio-Technica AT2020 microphone and a Behringer U-Phoria UM2 USB Audio Interface.

『 Thanks for checking out my CCC profile, see you soon in any upcoming projects! 』

  • @harudori

    Shy and I have been voicing together on a series for over a year now. We became really close friends through mutual interests and a passion for voice acting. Honestly, I couldn't ask for a better friend. Not only has Shy been one of the nicest and sweetest girls I have ever met online, she is a funny little band member bean. I can't even imagine my voice over life without her by my side. She is very committed to what she does, especially when it comes to voice over. I would recommend her for any of your projects, especially if you're looking for an outgoing teenage character.

  • @deleted243435

    Myself and Shy are on a VA server together we have not known each other for very long, but i can say without a doubt that they are AMAZING and beyond! At voice acting. They have so much range in vocal tones as well as many great impressions! I am very happy to work along side them and i am excited to work on a project along side them too! If you are looking for a very professional Voice Actor Shy is the person for you!

  • @bearpuff4

    Shy is a super supportive, positive and enthusiastic voice actress! She’s very dedicated to every project that she’s in, and always works hard to send in her lines on time! She has the perfect female protagonist voice, so if you’re ever looking for a talented, dedicated gal, Shy is the way to go! Though I may not have known Shy for long, I can clearly see how awesome she is! Be sure to highly consider her for your project.

  • @deleted273183

    Hilarious individual who also can do some amazing voice acting. Can make good memes and comes across as very knowledgable and professional when it comes to VA work.

  • @deleted46956

    Shy is a really cool person. I don't know all that much about/haven't known her for long but she doesn't live up to her name. She is very talkative and always knows how to have a good time with people. She has a really good voice despite not letting us hear it much smh. Shy is just generally a good person to have around so if she auditions for your project and you like what you hear, you can bet she'll bring a friendly and chill vibe along with all of that as well.

    Speak in vc more tho.

  • @nullv

    As a person, she's great; as a voice actor, she's even greater!

  • @lavendere

    Shy is an absolute sweetheart! It was very enjoyable working with her and she's very understanding! I couldn't recommend her more to anyone considering casting her!