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About OveqVA

I'm a Minecraft Youtuber/Streamer that does some voice acting as well. I have to audition and cast, so I'm here on CCC :-)

I best fit roles that are younger, teenage male characters. I can do braver voices, nerdier voices, dark and gritty voices, or mostly anything needed to suit my role. I also do have a decent understanding of multiple effects, so I can fix my voice pitch-wise or give it whatever effect you'd like.

  • @deleted141990

    Oveq is a great voice actor. He's able to portray lots of emotions really well. His acting isn't forced, it's very natural and he has the perfect voice for a teen male role. He's able to keep with weekly deadlines and if there is any reason why he can't, he gives you a heads up ahead of time and it's very helpful. Fully recommend this amazing voice actor!

  • @_lexva_

    Being able to work with Oveq has been a pleasure! He is an amazing director and an outstanding VA! He works very hard on each and every one of his roleplays. If you ever get the chance to work with him, go for it! :)

    With Love,

    Lex <3

  • @fazejdog

    Oveq is more than just an entertaining youtuber but a talented voice actor! He brought elements to a character that I didn't even know I wanted. He was also not afraid to improvise with some of his lines and it majority of the time ended up being better than what I had originally wrote. Oveq also has many of his own creative concepts and ideas which make him easy to talk you. I highly suggest Oveq for anyone looking for a talented, creative, and reliable voice actor, he won't disappoint you!!!!